I’m Tired, So Here’s A Scene…or Two

Rush at work has officially ended and looming not far ahead are the holidays and time off work. But that being said, it’s been nonstop chaos for weeks and months now and I’m exhausted. There just never seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done.

I was going to post my next reviews for the Venatrix Chronicles today, but I couldn’t bring myself to focus on writing reviews, so I’m going for this post.

I’ve been thinking about doing this kind of post for a while, and now’s better than never. I’ve done a recap on all my NaNoWriMo Projects – which it might be time for an updated post – but I just wanted to come on here really quick and share two scenes from my 2017 NaNo WIP.

2017 was a weird NaNo for me – I initially wanted to write this mermaid story, but quickly lost interest, and then I was inspired to write this mash-up of Barbie Island Princess and Tangled and I managed over 50k of that story.

So, I thought I’d just share two scenes from each of these WIP’s just for the hell of it. I actually reread the mermaid one, and nothing really sparked, granted there’s not much there. But the Island Princess one – I’ve been rereading it for fun and it’s not as terrible as I remember it being. I’m actually almost tempted to work on it again.


Mermaid WIP:

The premise of this was to be a reincarnation story where the guy always reincarnates. But each time he dies – and he always dies at sea – the mermaid would lose control. She’d sink into her grief and it would turn into wrath. She would become the most dangerous creature in the ocean. I was planning on tying her vengeful moments to big “history” moments (I was going to make the world a little more fantastical than real life) – i.e. the Titanic sinking, the Atlantis sinking, and maybe even sinking the Library of Alexandria. There were probably a few other key moments I wanted to include, but I don’t remember them now.

Island Princess WIP:

The premise of this one was, a young princess stolen at birth, shipwrecked and grew up on an island. She survived with the help of some animal friends, until one day a Prince shows up on her island and whisks her away back to civilization. (I’m simplifying it a lot). If you’ve seen Barbie Island Princess and/or Tangled, then just mash the two together and you can probably figure out what the plot was. There was no pressure for this story. I remember words just flowing and it was so nice. It’s probably the most Fan-Fiction thing I’ve ever written, but it made me happy, and honestly, that’s the important part.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know if you’d be interested in having me do something like this again in the future. If I do, should they be separate posts from my monthly writing updates? I could share scenes from other past NaNo WIPs, or any other Shiny New Ideas that I’ve had. Just let me know your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “I’m Tired, So Here’s A Scene…or Two

  1. These are great! Do you plan on editing them at any point to publish? I definitely want more of the island-princess one:)

    I am interested in seeing more posts like this from you. I also think they should be separate from your monthly updates, as you suggested. Honestly, share what you feel like sharing! I am interested in reading all of your work, no matter how old or new:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, your support means SO MUCH. I’m always hesitant to share my writing online – something I should probably try and move past if I want to be a published author.
      I *might* work on the island princess one AFTER I finish my WIP revisions. It would probably just be for fun, to fall back in love with writing. That story feels like a No Pressure Project and might be what I need to really get back into writing.

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      1. I hope you do get published! I would love to read your books:)

        That would be great! It sounds good for you, and I loved the bit you shared with us


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