Single Shelf Tour

As you all know, I’ve read a lot this year.

I mean, this really, probably isn’t a shock to any of you.

At some point, I drifted away from wildly popular, mainstream books for less popular books – typically small press/indie pubbed or self pubbed. I was looking for a specific kind of book – i.e. Upper YA/New Adult High Fantasy with a dash of spice. I’ve read a lot of high fantasy this year, it’s been a great escape while at work, and in looking for books to fit my wants, I stumbled across quite a few. Now, some of these I’ve found previously, and others are new to me this year. Most of them I bought physical copies for the covers, but they all sound good and I’m looking forward to reading the ones I haven’t had a chance to read yet.

This isn’t going to be a long post, I really just wanted to show off this shelf that I’ve more or less dubbed “My Paperback High Fantasy/Fantasy Shelf”. I just love the shelf, and the books on it make me happy. It’s probably the one shelf in my room (besides my JLA, Brigid Kemmerer and SJM shelves) that is almost all read. Very few books on this shelf haven’t actually been read – and that’s mainly because they’re not on audio yet and I continue to buy physical books even though I really don’t have time to read them. You’ll probably recognize a bunch of these books, since a lot of them have been featured in my Book Radar posts, so consider this another prompting to pick them up.

And now, without further ado, here is the shelf!

There are a lot of authors on here, and I recommend checking them out. Definitely check out Miranda Honfleur if you’re looking for a TOG/ACTOAR fix. Also Check out Audrey Grey for that same reason. If you’re looking for a solid High Epic Fantasy, then check out Carrie Summers and Kaitlyn Davis and Jessica Thorne. If you’re looking for some slow burn, spicy-ish Greek Mythology or Roman inspired check out Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve and Jennifer Estep. If you’re looking for quick read fantasy with a swoon worthy male love interest, check out Shari L. Tapscott. You want angels – then check out Julie Hall and Olivia Wildenstein. Basically, just check out anything and everything on this shelf. Having read most of it, you can’t go wrong.

But I will urge you to read Miranda Honfleur’s Blade and Rose series, because I need to talk about it to someone who understands.

8 thoughts on “Single Shelf Tour

  1. This whole shelf is just straight up goals 😍 I read a few books from Kaitlyn Davis before, so I definitely wan to read ‘The Raven and The Dove’, and everything else from your posts have sounded really interesting!

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    1. I downloaded her vampire series (at least I think it’s vampires) and I want to read them so badly! I still need to read book 2 – The Hunter and the mage – but I def recommend The Raven and the Dove! the ending will leave you 🤯

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