It’s Christmas! Here’s a Wintery Scene!

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone’s holidays have been wonderful – despite the wrench 2020 has thrown into all plans. By the time this goes live, I very well might still be in bed, but when I wake up it’ll be present time! I’m so excited that it’s Codigo’s first Christmas. So far, he’s done really well with the tree – though he likes to try and drink the water. He was constantly in the way while wrapping presents, but he’s been good. He’s got some presents to open and I cannot wait. I also can’t wait for the coffee, coffeecake and mimosa’s that are going to make opening gifts really fun.

I wasn’t sure if I was doing a post today, but I remembered this wintery scene I wrote in a past NaNo project and I kind of feel like sharing it. I initially worked on this WIP in 2016 and then again in 2018. I really do love this WIP – it’s high fantasy where the world is split between the Northern and Southern Courts. Magic exists in the Southern Court, while all magic has been stripped from the Northern Court. There’s an evil queen hell bent on collecting all magic from the land, and a bit of an epic love story that hasn’t quite ended yet.

One of these days I will finish this WIP because I really do think it has potential and I love the characters.

But for now, here’s a little wintery scene! Like always with these kinds of posts – I haven’t touched this Word doc in who knowns how long (at least 2 years). So, there are potentially bound to be some grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or just little incorrect things. So please be kind and I hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas! Here’s a Wintery Scene!

  1. This scene is amazing and I love it! I want to know more about Emma and why she, the Princess, is out wandering all alone. And the kids, will they be important later on?? I have so many questions lol

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    1. THANK YOU 🥺
      There’s really no great mystery – she’s inquisitive and wants to explore the Northern Court having never been. She’s wandered off by herself her whole life, so she did what’s natural to her.
      Idk, if the kids will be important later on – I hit the 50k mark right after this scene lol – but probably not. They’re just her segue into the wonders of Winter Activities. There’s a whole scene where she asks the love interest to take her sledding and he looks at her baffled and then agrees to it.
      She’s never been in winter, never seen snow – so it’s all new to her.
      There’s a whole underlying Evil Queen, stealing magic, epic love plot going on behind the scenes and Emma and the love interest are just the latest pawns in a much bigger game.

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      1. Ohh thank you for explaining!:) Honestly, I love the sound of it:) It sounds amazing and I feel like the characters would be very likable


      2. aww, thanks! It’s been awhile since I read everything I wrote for this WIP, but yeah, I think so! They’re human so they make mistakes, but I do think they’re likeable.

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