E – Book Haul – Dec’20

Y’all this is the last December related post! I know that last week had a lot of lists and until next month, this is the last big one. I forgot how busy (post wise) the start of a new year can be. But I’ll be sliding back into a more normal posting schedule + content. I’m sure you’re tired of reading long lists of books, so for a while, this will be the last with numerous books.

Like in November, I One-Clicked like a maniac and I wonder why I’m always broke lol.

But it’s fine and I’m excited to dive into these. A bunch I’ve already read, but when the authors put them on sale (or for free) I couldn’t help but support them.

So, here is my list of e-books I hauled in December – please don’t judge me LOL

Curse of the Fae King (Dark Faerie Court #1) – Delia E. Castel

The Gifted Sisters And The Golden Mirror Rachel Crist

The Berylian Key Trilogy Amanda Muratoff & Kayla Mansur

The Mark of Fallen Flame (The Weapon of Fire and Ash #1) – Brittany Matsen

Fear of Fire and Shadow (The Fade #1) – S. Young

The Princess and The Pawn (The Raven and The Dove #0.5) – Kaitlyn Davis

Dance of Souls (The Venatrix Chronicles #4) – Sylvia Mercedes 

Snow Queen (Haunted Ballet #1) – Ava Quintana

Shardless (Tempris #1) – Stephanie Fisher

Echo in Time (Echo Trilogy #1) – Lindsey Fairleigh

Seraphin (Tales of Intetra #1) – Kirsten Forrester






Hidden: Rapunzels Story (Destined #2) – Kaylin Lee

Queen of Ashes (Dragon Curse Chronicles #1) – D.L. Snow

Throne of Shadows (Throne of Shadows #1) – Emma Fenton

The King of Burning Skies (The Serpents and Kings Trilogy #2) – S.M. Gaither

The Empire of Empty Wars (The Serpents and Kings Trilogy #3) – S.M. Gaither

By Dark Deeds (Blade and Rose #2) – Miranda Honfleur

Court of Shadows (Blade and Rose #3) – Miranda Honfleur

Queen of the Shining Sea (Blade and Rose #4) – Miranda Honfleur 

Gaia’s Secret (A Pandoran Novel #1) – Barbara Kloss

Heart of Thorns (Thornwwood Fae #1) – Nicolette Andrews

Promise of Darkness (Dark Court Rising #1) – Bec McMaster

Tree of Ages (Tree of Ages #1) – Sara C. Roethle

The King (A Wicked Trilogy #3.6) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

And there you have it! My goal for the start of the new year, for January is to NOT go overboard on the One-Clicking. I seriously need to stop buying every single book that sounds good just because it’s cheap. I’m going to end up broke if I keep spending .99-4.99 on e-books on a whim. As always, let me know if you’ve read any of these, or now plan on reading any of these! I’d love to know your thoughts!


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