NetGalley & Edelweiss Update – Jan’21

I’ve been knocking books off my NetGalley lists – I got a little (or a lot) behind in the fall, so I’ve made it a priority to get some of these past due ARCs read. But, of course, I continue to request and continue to be denied more often than I’m approved. Which is a bummer.

I’m sitting at an 86% so I don’t quite understand why I legit got way too many denials last week. Almost every day I got an email, or I saw on my account that I’d been declined for a book, and honestly, it doesn’t feel great.

Do I need more books to read?

No, not really since I’m behind on some of the ones I do have.

Do I want more books?
Yes, because omfg there are so many 2021 rom-coms I’m looking forward to and I just want to read them.

Did I also just go on an Edelweiss Requesting spree, even though I know nothing will come of it?


And with that being said, let’s take a look at what’s going on in my accounts.

NetGalley –

Here’s what I’ve been approved for.

Here’s what’s pending:

Here’s what I’ve been denied for:

Edelweiss –

Here’s what’s pending:

Here’s what I’ve been denied for:

Despite all the current streak of declines on NetGalley, I am pretty lucky at getting books. I’ve gotten quite a few that I honestly cannot believe that I got my hands on. As for Edelweiss, I don’t request much, if at all. I occasionally go on sprees like I did tonight, but I don’t ever get my hopes up.

Let me know in the comments what is one ARC you would die to have in your hands right now? Physical or eARC.

I’d have to say Blessed Monsters or Small Favors or XOXO or You’ve Reached Sam. I’m dying to read these.

9 thoughts on “NetGalley & Edelweiss Update – Jan’21

    1. Ah, damn. That’s so annoying. NG is so weirdly picky, it makes no sense. I would definitely try reaching out to the pub, or just requesting it on Edelweiss (idk your luck on that site, but as a last resort 🤷🏻‍♀️)
      Mine are crossed too! Currently have an 88%, and i’m writing up another review tomorrow, so I’m hoping with a high enough rating, I’ll get some approvals. But who knows. The rating means basically nothing lol

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  1. I stopped using Edelweiss, my success rate was so small and it was frustrating to receive yet another denial email … With NetGalley is much better!

    I have read that the denials on NetGalley might be caused by publishers hitting a certain limit of copies they can give access too, so if you request after the target was achieved it’s an automatic denial. However, this is not transparent, so you never know actually why the request was not approved 😦

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    1. Yeah, unless you’re an industry professional, your chances on EW are low – doesn’t stop me from requesting though LOL
      I’ve heard that too about NG, and that always sucks. That’s when I just send an email to the pub 🙈


      1. If I understand correctly – do you send email to the publisher to ask directly for the e-book / physical copy? Do you have higher chances of success like that? 😀


      2. If I’ve been denied on both NG and EW and I *really* want to read the book for review, I’ll look for the publicity email for whatever publisher is putting out the book, and email them with my blog stats and links and social stats and link. I’ll include what book I’m looking to review as well as why I’m looking to review it.
        I don’t do this often, I’ve only done it maybe 3-5 times, and sometimes I get a response, other times I don’t. I’ve gotten 2 ARCs from pubs doing it this way. I don’t know if there’s necessarily a higher chance, and the worst they can say is no – if they don’t respond. So, it can be worth it. I have a higher chance of being approved on NG than directly from a pub though.

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