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I love it when books are turned into movies and shows. Even when they might not be the greatest or most accurate of portrayals, I’ll probably enjoy it. I love seeing the worlds brought to life in a new media and it gives me another way to consume the story.

I found this tag over on The Book Nut and I had to do it. Having just watched an adaptation, it seemed fitting! I’m going to link Jennzah and Erin’s post, so make sure you check out their answers!

Also, feel free to do this tag – I’m not going to tag any one in particular. If you do, do the tag, let me know! I’d love to check out your answers!

What is the last book adaptation movie you saw?

We’re on a Middle Earth kick in my house (it’s my father’s fault, though I’m not complaining), but we watched LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring this past Monday.

What book movie are you most excited for?

Honestly, I’m behind on what might be coming out, but there are two – Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+ (I know it’s not a movie, but I’m damn excited. And Wicked on PassionFlix. JLA keeps posting about it and I need it in my life.

Which upcoming book movie will you definitely not see?

I have no idea what’s coming out, if anything is coming out, so I have no idea.

Which book movie would you NEVER watch again?

Does Shadowhunters count? I wish they’d continued the movie franchise over rebooting it as a tv-show.

Is there a movie you saw that made you want to read the book, if you hadn’t yet?

Me Before You…but I never actually ended up reading the book.

Conversely, is there a movie that made you never want to read the book?

I don’t think so, at least, I can’t think of one.

Name an adaptation that has almost nothing to do with the book it’s supposedly based on.

Allegiant Pt1. Let’s be real, they fucked up the Divergent movies when they stopped following the narrative of the books and did whatever the hell they did in that movie.

Have you ever left the theater during a movie adaptation because it was so bad?

Fuck no. With the cost of tickets and snacks I’ll sit my ass down and watch it through the end and then probably bitch about it later.

Do you prefer to watch the movie first, or read the book first?

Usually, I want to have read the book first, but it also kind of depends on the book and the time I have. It’s not a must though.

How do you feel about movie adaptations that age characters up? (ex. Characters that are in middle school, but in the movies they’re all 18+)

If age is crucial for the plot, then I prefer as accurate ages as possible. But if they’re not, then I honestly don’t care.

Do you get angry when the actors don’t look like you thought the characters would?

Nope. This honestly doesn’t bother me. But again, unless some aspect of the character is crucial to the plot, or the backstory of the character, I feel like the best actor/actress for the job should get the part. I also hardly ever picture faces of characters as I read – so I don’t really have any qualms about who ends up playing them.

Is there a movie you liked better than its book?

Austenland. That movie is brilliant, cute and funny, but I just couldn’t get into the book.

Name a book that you would love to see as a movie.

REMAKE ERAGON YOU COWARDS. Ge the team who did The Hobbit and LOTR and remake that book, and then do the other 3. I’m probably in the minority, but I love the Eragon movie, but it was made before it should have been and it shows.

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