Book Review: An Heir Comes to Rise (An Heir Comes to Rise #1)

Title: An Heir Comes to Rise

Author: C.C. Peñaranda

Pub. Date: February 25, 2021

Pages: 400

Pub: Lumarias Press

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

In the impoverished outer town of a kingdom where fae outrank humans, Faythe, an orphan with a talent for swordplay, knows the importance of keeping her head down around the fae patrol. She and best friend Jakon long for a better life, and her desire to swing her sword in combat may bring the purpose and coin she’s yearned for.

When she draws the attention of royal guard Nik, she soon learns that her mortal nature isn’t the only reason to remain out of sight. Nik is a Nightwalker, a silent assassin of the mind with the power to enter others’ dreams, and whether she trusts him or not, he’s about to awaken abilities in Faythe that shouldn’t exist in a human. Nightmarish abilities. Deadly abilities. Abilities that will teach Faythe blood really does run thicker than water…and if she doesn’t trust in higher powers soon, blood will run indeed.

For this is no battle Faythe can fight with steel. Within the city walls, suspicions are arising, and here in the outer town she has deeper bonds to protect. It seems everyone will die with a dark secret to tell, but what if one unlikely human girl was born harboring the darkest secret of all…?

In a clash of steel, a mortal body may fall. But in a clash of dreams, a powerful heir may rise.

This will be a spoiler free review. I received a copy of An Heir Comes to Rise from the author in exchange for an honest review. I inhaled this in one sitting, and I need book 2 because that ending! Well, basically all the reveals that happened towards the end – I can’t believe I have to wait to find out what’s going to happen next.

This book honestly pleasantly surprised me. My luck with indie/self pubbed books so far this year has been kind of terrible, but omfg this restored my faith! I couldn’t put it down and four hundred pages just flew by. I will say that it took me a minute to get invested – but after that. Like, who cares that I’m currently writing this review at 3:30AM and I need to be up by 7AM to get to work – not me. I need to get my opinions down now.

Fans of THRONE OF GLASS and RED QUEEN will enjoy this first installment in a gripping new fantasy series that portrays the unbreakable strength of friendship, the struggle for honor, and the ache of sacrifice.

This book had me hooked. I loved Faythe and Jakon – their relationship was so pure and wonderful. Their friendship was amazing, and I really loved how the author didn’t force them to be something more, just because of the feelings they have for each other. I love a good strong friendship between a guy and a girl.

Even though this book is comped to both Throne of Glass (which I love) and Red Queen (which I don’t love) this definitely stands on its own. Faythe didn’t feel like a alternate version of Aelin or anything. She felt like Faythe, a girl who longed for more, but was making the absolute best of what she had. She’s just wonderful and I really did love her journey in this book. But mostly her relationships.

For as much as Jakon doted after her, and sought to protect her, she did the same for him. Like, I would die to protect their friendship. Then enters Marlowe and I didn’t think it could get any better. The three of them, their friendship – it’s just too pure. I won’t go into more details, because spoilers. But the dynamic could have totally changed, but I’m so incredibly glad that it didn’t. The three of them against the world? The world better watch out. The loyalty. The love.

It’s perfect.

Then there’s Nik. And I had my suspicions, and they were proven correct, but omfg I can’t help but love him. You’d be hard pressed not to. His relationship with Fayth was a little easy, a little convenient, but damn if I didn’t eat it up. The two of them together, the obvious attraction, the exasperating attitude and snark – you can’t not love them. Then there’s the whole magical ability element, the tragic backstories and the almost illicit element of them getting closer – it’s like it was written specifically for me.

I also really enjoyed the writing in this book. The pace flowed nicely, it wasn’t over stiff or formal, descriptive enough to paint pictures, but allowed me to form my own visuals. I felt like I was able to form my own conclusions, form my own opinions and guesses at what was going to happen next/what was going to be revealed. I enjoyed the lore and mythology and the chosen one element that were woven in. The fact that as the reader, I found out things when Faythe did was really great. I can’t wait to see more of the world and these characters in the next book.

Overall, this was a great book and fantastic read. I’m so glad I was able to read it early, because now I know that y’all need to read it. This way, I can scream about it for the next two weeks until its release. I’m just so relieved that this was as good as it was. I was starting to feel really dejected with new to me indie/self pubbed fantasy – it was just missing all the marks. This was refreshing, enjoyable and so, so good. I’m really anxious for the next book – like, if I had it right now, I would immediately start it. I definitely recommend this book, and you should pick it up when it comes out.

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