Single Shelf Tour #3

Today we’re taking a look at the first of 3 contemporary shelves. This one is only YA contemporaries, while the other two have a mix of NA/YA contemporary books. This shelf also happens to house all of my top favorites – minus books written by Brigid Kemmerer and Jennifer L. Armentrout. Their contemporary books are housed with the rest of their books.

But this is a fun shelf, full of really fun books. There are a few that I haven’t had a chance to read yet, but I plan on doing so soon.

I can’t explain when or why I’ve fallen back in love with YA Contemporary books, but I’m so glad I did. For the most part, I’ll really only pick them up if they’re light and fluffy. I’m sure I’ve said this before on this blog, but I read to escape and while I’m sure I’m missing out on some topic heavy contemporary reads, but they rarely hold my interest.

With that being said, since I am slowly falling back in love with the genre, I’m trying to branch out. But I mainly just want a cute, rivals to lovers, friends to lovers, fake dating, you’ve got mail kind of book. I want “I’m in love with the boy next door”, “I moved to England and met a hot British boy and I’m in love”, “I wanna love like Johnny and June”, “I’ve fallen in love with a guy in a boy band”.

I definitely recommend everything on this shelf. You can also check out this post if you want more recs. My absolute favorites on this shelf would have to be You’d Be Mine, Echoes Between Us, Invisible Ghosts, My Life Next Door, Tweet Cute and How to Speak Boy.

Robyn Schneider is probably one of my top favorite contemporary authors and I honestly cannot recommend her books enough – if you haven’t read them, then you’re missing out. I always read them in one sitting because I can’t put them down.  But my absolute favorite book has to be Echoes Between Us – it’s just so good and you can’t put it down. 

Though, again, I recommend everything on this shelf. It’s all predominately light and fluffy, and some do deal with slightly heavier topics. 

What’s your favorite contemporary read? Let me know in the comments! Let me know if you have any cute, light and fluffy contemporary recommendations! 

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