Writing Update #23

I wanted to get more done this month.

I had plans to get more done.

Between life, a raise & new responsibility at work, training Codigo and blogging – I’ve been left very little free time. And this past week I’ve been dealing with the death of a dog, so my energy has been at an all time low.

Last month I made it a goal to do at least one chapter. Just revise one chapter.I met that goal.

So, I’m not necessarily upset that I didn’t get more done, I just wish I had. I can feel my characters begging me to get back to them, and it’s been so long since they’ve been so insistent. I’m really hoping – fingers are crossed – that work dies down in about two weeks. We’ve been non-stop since about October and everyone is feeling it. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t practically dead on my feet.

If work does die down, I’ll have more free time to write, and I think I desperately need it. I feel creative, but by the time I have time to sit down and write, I’m about ready to fall asleep on my laptop.

It’s a vicious, endless cycle right now.

But I did one chapter.

Which is one chapter that I didn’t have done last month.

That’s a win.

My main focus is my SF WIP, but this contemporary that I wrote two years ago is trying to make a resurgence and I don’t know what to do about it. I barely have time to work on one WIP right now, let alone two. I don’t even know why I suddenly have this desire to work on it – but I do and it’s driving me up the wall that I can’t let myself do anything with it right now. My focus has to be my SF WIP and I really want to work on it.

My goal is to do at least three, maybe five chapters next month.

Obviously, I hope I can do more, but that’s one a week and if I plan accordingly, I should be able to do that. Especially if work slows down – then I won’t have to stay super late.

Slowly I’m going to finish these damn revisions.

I’m not going to put any undue pressure on myself.

I will finish this damn book this year.

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