Series Review: Seraphim Academy

You know, I never thought I’d be the one to enjoy reverse harem books.

I used to see ads for them, and while the concepts sounded good, I always got hung up on the “multiple partners” aspect.

What the fuck was I thinking?

Because this is my shit LOL

I’ve been on a spice kick, and I’ve been reading just about anything I can get my hands on that contains steam and spice. Having read one of Briggs’ other books, which had some spice, I decided to give the first book in the Seraphim Academy a try.

I inhaled it. Then I inhaled the second book and then the third. I ended up going into a little bit of a slump, unable to get interested in another book. I ended up liking the series a whole lot more than I ever anticipated. The only thing that saved me from falling into a full slump was reading Demon King which takes place in the same world. If you’re interested, you can check out my review for that book here.

I definitely recommend this trilogy if you’re looking for fairly good plot, a different take on Angels, Demons, Fae and Heaven and Hell. It’s got a bit of steamy spice – it builds over the course of the trilogy. I don’t know what my expectations were, but this trilogy met them and then rose beyond.

I listened to the audiobooks for the whole trilogy, and I highly recommend them. Each review will be a mini spoiler free one.

So, let’s jump into it!

Title: Wicked Wings

Author: Elizabeth Briggs

Pub. Date: December 26, 2019

Pages: 308

Pub: Elizabeth Briggs Books

Genre: NA RH Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They think I’m half angel and half human. They think I have no magic. They think because I grew up in the human world I’m clueless about what to expect at Seraphim Academy.

They’re wrong.

I’m not half human, I’m half demon — and this little succubus has come to play.

My brother vanished from Seraphim Academy without a trace, and I’ll do whatever it takes to find him, including infiltrating the school myself.

Even if it means going up against my brother’s best friends, who know something about his disappearance and aren’t talking. They may be angel royalty, but if they think they can intimidate me into leaving the school, they’re wrong.

There’s also the problem of the delicious professor who knows my secret. He’s hiding something too, and I’m going to find out what it is.

But I’ll have to be careful, because if anyone finds out I’m part demon? I won’t just get kicked out of Seraphim Academy — I’ll be dead.

Phew. I didn’t know what to expect going into this, but I didn’t expect to basically instantly fall in love with the Princes – despite their attitudes. I should’ve known I would, because let’s be real.

I enjoyed Olivia as a character and her motivations really worked. She’s pretty smart and reminds me a lot of some of my favorite badass heroines. She’s incredibly strong and resilient – she’s had to be.

I also really loved the kind of fresh take on Heaven and Hell lore. It’s familiar, but in a whole new light – I really liked it. It kept “true” to what is relatively common knowledge but felt unique enough that I could almost believe the author created it all up herself. The idea that Heaven and Hell (and Fairy) are other worlds, and not just an afterlife you end up in – it’s so good. While it would have been interesting to see the worlds, I also really loved that the book takes place on Earth.

Another aspect I enjoyed was that humanity wasn’t completely in the dark – kind of operating on a “If you know, you know” basis. Like, you could go up to someone and say “Angels, Demons and Fae are real” and some would believe you and others would think you’re on something.

As for the Princes – fuck me.


They shouldn’t be attractive, they’re kind of massive Walking Red Flags, but omfg if I didn’t just melt and say I’m done, all in.

And apart from the Princes – Kassiel. Oh, good god. That man. Jfc. I mean, all the love interests are quite attractive and have their own appeals, but Kassiel. I would die if he existed in real life.

The ending of this book left me speechless, so it was a good thing I already had the second one downloaded.

Title: Sinful Things

Author: Elizabeth Briggs

Pub. Date: March 19, 2020

Pages: 292

Pub: Elizabeth Briggs Books

Genre:  NA RH Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They tried to intimidate me. They tried to get me expelled. They tried to bring me to my knees.
They failed.
The angelic princes betrayed me, and now it’s time for this little succubus to get her revenge.
My secret’s been exposed, but I’m not leaving Seraphim Academy until I rescue my brother. I know where he is, and I’ll do whatever it takes to bring him back—alive.

Even if it means going up against the secret society that uses murder and blackmail to control things from the shadows. They may be powerful and ancient, but I’ve infiltrated their ranks and I’m not afraid of them.
Especially with my sexy—and totally off-limits—professor helping me take the society down. I might even get the angelic princes to help me too, if they can behave this time.
But I’ll have to be careful, because now that the angels and demons know I exist? They both want to control me—or they want me dead.

This picks up right where book 1 leaves off, Olivia is suffering the aftermath of the Princes’ actions. Olivia is feisty and dead set on revenge – and how she goes about it is perfect and wholly justified.

Callan can suck it. As much as I love him and his gruff demeanor, he acted like a giant ass in the first book. It carries over to this book, but as we learn more about all the Princes – what makes them tick – his actions become a little clearer. He was still a jerk though.

Kassiel is still yummy as ever.

In this book, we get a lot more of the goings on of the world – the angel hierarchy, The Order and what seems to be coming up for everyone. The stakes are high and they’re dangerous.

Olivia is still coming into her power, learning things and well, a succubus has to eat.

The steamy moments…the spice. Again, I never thought RH would be my thing, but there is something really…appealing about there being multiple love interests.

Title: Fallen Kings

Author: Elizabeth Briggs

Pub. Date: June 1, 2020

Pages: 324

Pub: Elizabeth Briggs Books

Genre: NA RH Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

We rescued my brother. We fought the secret society. We tried to stop them.

We lost.

Now they have an object so powerful it could destroy everything, but this little succubus is coming for them.

I’ll do whatever it takes to bring the secret society down, and this time I’ve got help. My angelic princes. My fallen professor. My brother. My friends. We won’t stop until they’re defeated.

Even if it means going up against the Archangels themselves. They may be ancient and powerful, but we’ve got tricks of our own too.

I just need to convince my four lovers to get along first. Easier said than done, especially when none of us knows who to trust, and dark secrets emerge from the past.

But I’ll have to be careful, because if we fail? It’ll be the start of a new war between angels and demons—and I’ll be caught in the middle.

So much character development!

I’m looking at you Callan.

This book was pretty dang good, and a lot happened. While it might have been a little outlandish and the reasonings a bit strange, I ultimately enjoyed it. The situations the characters were put in weren’t ideal a lot of the time, and I loved how it made their bonds grow stronger. It forged bonds between others where there previously had been none.

Olivia is still insanely likeable and she’s probably become a favorite heroine – she’s just fun, honest and really felt like a breath of fresh air. I don’t know how else to describe it. She’s made mistakes, sure, but she’s just such a good character. Not totally helpless, but not entirely self-sufficient either.

Her relationship with her boys is still So Good, and those certain scenes…*cough* if you know, you know…with all 5 of them…

Jfc, I never thought RH would be my guilty pleasure, but omfg.

Honestly, if 4 insanely hot paranormal/fantastical men wanted to waltz into my life and claim me…feel free. I’d willingly fly away.

Overall, I enjoyed this conclusion to this trilogy – so much so, it nearly put me in a slump. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The lore, the story, the characters, the relationships forged and just so many other things, made this trilogy an absolute joy to listen to and read.

It’s also made me fall down a RH rabbit hole, and honestly, I’m not even mad about it.

I definitely recommend this trilogy and the Claimed by Lucifer series – you can’t go wrong, and you’ll just immensely enjoy yourself.

8 thoughts on “Series Review: Seraphim Academy

  1. I’m so in. This looks amazing and I don’t just mean those gorgeous covers. RH are such a guilty pleasure of mine! If you want any recommendations, I am so willing! 🤣
    I loved your review, thanks so much for sharing! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! I never thought I would either but.. they’re so fantastically entertaining! I would highly recommend Four Psychos, it’s hilarious.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s great.. I hope you like it as much as I did! I would love to know what you think if you get a chance to read it!

        Liked by 1 person

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