3 Books that Hit My Radar #18

I love it when social media gives me targeted ads for books.

My wallet hates it.

My heart loves it.

After last month though – I’m definitely trying to be conscious about how many books I buy, but I’m definitely putting these three in my cart.

*whispers* well technically I already own 2 out of the three listed, but you get my drift.

Nights of Iron and Ink showed up on my Insta page, and the cover made me click on it. Then I read the synopsis and it’s right up my alley. I knew I wanted to read it.

Lucifer’s Bride…I mean, are we really surprised that I’m recommending this? It’s actually been on my radar for a while, but with my recent reads, I’m on a King of the Underworld kick and I need all the content.

Paid in Full just sounded enjoyable and like something I’d like. The cover grabbed my attention on Facebook, and I saw “vampires” and I clicked buy. I’m very easy to please and convince.

Let me know if you’ve read or heard of any of these books! And let’s jump in!

Nights of Iron and Ink – Shannen Durey

Vera has made a living breaking the law, but even she follows one rule—never steal from the Fae.

Eighteen-year-old Vera, a half human, half fae, has spent the last five years trying and failing to earn a place with the Rogues, but with her burgeoning powers and monstrous appearance, she fits in better with the flesh-eating beasts plaguing her world than she does the fierce halfling warriors fighting them.

When a powerful object is uncovered, Vera finally has her opportunity to become a Rogue. All she has to do is steal the object before it reaches the Faylands, which is easier said than done. She quickly discovers she is not the only one after it when the object is stolen right out from under her, and she’s left as the only one to blame when the Fae arrive. Stealing from them is a death sentence, but the frightening Fae Lord Vera encounters offers her a bargain instead—her life in exchange for what was stolen.

As Vera searches for the missing object, her tenuous control over her dark powers is pushed past its limits, and she learns the pain of ultimate betrayal. Her only hope of making it out alive is the Fae Lord at her side, but Vera would rather serve herself up as dinner to a flesh-eating beast than ever make a truce with a Fae. 

Lucifer’s Bride (Married to the Devil #1) – Roxie Ray & Skye Wilson

The King of Hell owns me. Mind, body, and eternal soul.

The devil’s in the details, and I shouldn’t be surprised to find Hell in Las Vegas. Luke doesn’t care that I can’t remember a thing about the deal we made on the night of my bachelorette party. All he cares is that I promised my love, my life, and my obedience to him for all eternity.


Not my style. I’m not looking to be owned by any man.

To make matters worse, I was supposed to be marrying another. But Adam can’t stand against Luke’s strength. I’m Luke’s prisoner. And his lover. And I can’t resist his wicked charms and sinful good looks.

With the mark of the beast on me and an army of Versace-clad demons knocking down my door, my options for freedom aren’t just running out, they’re long gone. Only Luke can keep me safe. And only if I play by his rules.

The King of Sin needs a queen. If I want to survive, I don’t have any choice but to give the Devil his due.

Paid in Full – Jamie L. Biggs

Betrayed by her dad… Trapped between two worlds…

Can Kelly actually trust anyone?

Her lowlife, gambling, con artist of a father has sold her to a vampire to pay off a serious debt.

And then Lord Grant, Master Vampire, appears, vowing to protect her – even though she has no idea who he is.

What’s going on? Back up a minute! Just a few days ago she was an ordinary all-round American girl, focusing on graduating high school. Now, she’s trapped in a supernatural world with her fated mate who promises to save her if she does as she’s told.

Can Kelly trust this stranger from the darkness?
Or does fate have other ideas?

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