3 Books That Hit My Radar #19

Why. Is. There. Not. Enough. Time. To. Read. All. The. Books.

Every single time I do one of these posts, I just want to pause life so I can read the books I recommend to y’all. But it’s so hard to find the time to sit down and read. I’ve come to rely so heavily on audiobooks, it’s a bit ridiculous. But I recommend these, so that maybe you have more time than me, and you can read them!

I hope you do.

I want to live vicariously through you.

Each of the books I’m recommending today, sound so good, and they’ve been added to my eBook TBR – I have 2 whole collections on my Kindle of books I need to prioritize. One’s high fantasy/fae, one is everything else. I’d be dumb to not add these and make sure I get to them…soon…eventually. I did take two days off, giving me a long weekend, so who knows.

Princess of Shadows sounds so good, and if I had the ability, I would drop everything to dive into it right now…though, I think I’d need an energy boost after the long day I had at work. Also, look at that cover – I love it.

Assassin’s Reign sounds like I’d probably inhale it in one sitting – she’s trained to kill; he’s a king and they end up more or less stuck together…sign me up. Sounds like a fun time. Especially if it ends up being enemies to lovers.

Shadow Touched is marketed as, for Fans of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and modern Beauty & the Beast retellings, sink your teeth into a world of dark mystery and forbidden desire.” Do I really need to say more? It’s enemies to lovers and fated mates – I’m sunk already, and this book doesn’t come out for roughly a month.

As always, let me know if you’ve read or now plan to read any of these books!

Princess of Shadows (Court of Lies #1) – Olivia Hart

Wanted by a Queen.
Hunted by an assassin.
Stolen by a Dark Prince.

Yesterday, I was just a normal girl trying to survive college. Except that normal girls don’t walk through mirrors and meet the man sent to kill them. Now I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into a world where nothing makes sense.

Sebastian, my dark and mysterious captor, promises to protect me. But how can I trust someone who can sneak into my dreams?

Someone who hungers for the untouched parts of me.

Sebastian claims I could be the next Dark Queen of the Fae. He says I have powers, that I’m immortal… and that he’s the only one I can trust.

He’s arrogant and bossy, but I might have to trust him in a world where shadows are gateways to other worlds. Where every gift has a price, and where the man in black might turn out the hero.

Everyone in this new world is trying to murder me. If I’m to survive, I have to embrace the shadows and become more than human. I have to become something stronger. Something darker.

Something they’re afraid of.

Assassin’s Reign (Tales from the Mirror Realm #1) – A. Lonergan

That’s what they called her as she slipped through the shadows on the orders of her Emperor.
She was young, lithe, and deadly.
She was the best of her kind.

His only title. More important than his birth name.
Feared by his people, and searching for a Queen.
But when he ends up in the hands of a psychopath, will he be able to work with the deadly woman he’s held captive with or will they both perish?

Shadow Touched (A Touch of Vampire #1) – Becky Moynihan

Some truths are best kept in the shadows…

At nearly eighteen, I’m months away from escaping my aunt’s secrets and lies. Except, I’m harboring a big secret of my own.

A red-eyed man cloaked in shadow has been stalking me at night.

I wanted Rosewood, Maine to be my final destination before college. My chance at normalcy. But strange, unexplainable things are threatening to derail my plans.

The red-eyed man followed me here, and he’s not the only one. Two hot guys transfer to my new high school right after I do. They track my every move, especially the aloof and mysterious Lochlan D’angelo.

As I’m sucked into a dangerous world embroiled in secrets, I start to question everything I’ve ever known. Including who I am.

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