3 Books That Hit My Radar #21

What do we want?

Obviously more book recs.

You can never have too many book recs.

All of these books primarily caught my eye due to their covers. An eye catching, stunning and/or interesting cover is always going to get me to click on whatever link is advertising the book. Then the synopsis may make me purchase it immediately. Now, if it’s by an author I know, or the reviews are stellar, I’m probably going to auto-buy, One-Click that shit no questions asked.

These three books sound like they’re right up my alley, and like something I’d inhale in one sitting. So, let’s check them out!

A Circus of Ink: We are bound by ink. He is supposed to kill me. I mean…hello. That one sentence makes me want to drop everything and pick this up right now.

The Midnight Test: Mysterious, Hot and Alluring love interest, and intertwined fates? Sign me up.

Heir of Ruin: Hades + Persephone, need I say more?

A Circus of Ink (Ink #1) – Lauren Palphreyman

In a world where stories are forbidden, Elle has a dangerous power: Creation. That’s why tattooed soldier Jay is sent by the gods to kill her.

But when Elle is faced with the monster sent to deliver her Ending, she catches the glimmer of curiosity in his eyes—an emotion so unusual in his kind. Convinced having a ruthless killer on her side will help her avenge her father and destroy the gods, she makes the decision not to run. And it changes everything.

Soon, the two enemies are forced to seek refuge at the Circus at the Edge of the World, where forbidden passions start to grow. But both are keeping dark secrets. Their deaths have been written by the Creators. And the foretold End is coming.
When all are bound to the story created by the gods, can Elle and Jay rewrite the deadly fate intended for them and the world?

The Midnight Test (Rite World: Lightgrove Witches #1) – Juliana Haygert

An unprepared witch. A mysterious human. And a quest that will test them both …

Hazel always knew she was one of the weakest witches of her generation. For a moment there, she even cared about that status.
Not anymore. She’s determined to live her life as a normal human—with exception for the occasional ghost hunting. What can she do if the damn spirits won’t leave her alone?
But when she finally settles into a new routine, Hazel receives a message that changes everything: the Lightgrove Coven, one of the most powerful witch covens in the world, grants her a rare chance to join them, but only if she passes a dangerous test on Friday the Thirteenth.
At first, Hazel wants to disregard the message. But who is she kidding? This is an opportunity she can’t say no to.
Everything is going unexpectedly fine until a human steps in Hazel’s way. Sean is mysterious, hot, and inexplicably alluring. Despite Hazel’s best attempts to ignore him, she can’t. And when Sean’s fate entwines with Hazel’s task, it puts everything at risk—not just her test, but also their own lives.

Heir of Ruin (Fae of the Saintlands #1) – Leigh Kelsey

A princess with untold power…

Maia Delakore is the tool of her aunt, the queen of the Vassal Empire. With her snaresong magic, Maia moulds the minds of the court, and eradicates any resistance to the queen’s reign. But when her aunt commands her to kill a prince, she refuses. And flees into the arms of the crown’s worst enemy—the Sapphire Knight.

A fae lord with a secret…

Azrail and his sister are all that’s left of a family framed for treason. As the Sapphire Knight, he and a small band of friends wreak havoc on the queen’s plans, sparing those sentenced to death, and sneaking the hunted beastkind—humans with an animal form—out of the city. But when they save a young girl with a rare, powerful magic, Azrail and his friends are drawn into a plot laid by the saints themselves.

A plot that will draw Azrail and Maia together, sparking a love that will become legend.

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