3 Books That Hit My Radar #22

I keep pushing this post back.

For no other reason than I’ve been too tired to write it.

But I’m now tired of not sharing these books with y’all, so I’m quickly pushing through the exhaustion. But I’m totally passing right tf, the moment this is scheduled.

It’s been a minute since I screamed about some books, and ads hooked me for all 3 of these books. So, you can thank targeted marketing, for bringing these books to my attention – and therefore your attention.

I haven’t yet bought any of these books, but they are all on sale on Kindle for $2.99 right now. Go be dangerous and One-Click. Don’t think too hard about it, just do it.

Sleeping Beauty in Hell – Stella Del Mar – “Because I’m trapped in hell with Hades and Persephone’s vampire son.” UMMM, excuse me? The moment I read that line; I knew I was sunk. This sounds like a book I’d inhale in one sitting.

Cursed – S.J. West – I’m on an angel kick, so the angel on the front cover drew me in. But this lowkey sounds like 2008 era YA and I’m here for it. “Not only do Will and Brand both love Lilly, they share a dark secret neither wants Lilly to discover.” I mean…

Between the Sea and Stars – Chantal Gadoury – Well hello, Little Mermaid Retelling! Do I need to say more? I’m always down for a Little Mermaid retelling and I’ve heard great things about this book.

And without further ado, here are the books!

Sleeping Beauty in Hell (Vampires of Hades #1) – Stella Del Mar

Once upon a time, fairy tales were real.

But in this new world, happy endings are rare. And when my mate rejects me, I lose my chance at mine.

Orphaned and outcast, I blow my savings on a Vegas vacation before my dark future closes in. The cost of a stay at the Lotus is exorbitant, but I figure I have nothing left to lose. But then I encounter Dante and learn how wrong I am.…

I’m not a princess, but he is a prince—a prince of hell.

He’s also the most gorgeous being I’ve ever seen. When I stumble across him sleeping in an enchanted cavern, the temptation to kiss him is impossible to resist. 

Except this isn’t a fairy tale.

So when I disturb Dante’s century’s long slumber, he demands much more than just a kiss in return…

He didn’t ask before biting me, but he says he won’t take my innocence unless I beg. And gods help me, I might.… 

Because I’m trapped in hell with Hades and Persephone’s vampire son.

Cursed (The Watchers #1) – S.J. West

Since she was eight years old, Lilly Rayne Nightingale felt like Fate was trying to wipe away her existence through a series of odd, near fatal incidences. Luckily, her best friend Will was always one step ahead of Fate preventing her from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Will was her knight in shining armor until he broke her heart after their one and only kiss.

On Lilly’s first day of college, she meets Brand Cole. Intrigued by Brand, Lilly must decide whether or not she can give up her adolescent fantasy of being reunited with Will and allow Brand the opportunity to conqueror her heart.

Not only do Will and Brand both love Lilly, they share a dark secret neither wants Lilly to discover. Lilly thinks Fate is after her once again when a new series of attempts on her life start to take place, but she soon learns someone of flesh and blood is trying to kill her this time.

Between the Sea and Stars (Lena #1) – Chantal Gadoury

A Legend, 
A Magical Shell 
A Girl Who Dreamed Of Something More… 

Lena, a Merrow girl, lives in the Skagerrak sea with her father, Carrick and her brother, Javelin who tells her of the legend of the Merrow Queen murdered by her human lover when greed takes over. But what’s worth spilling the queen’s blood? Gifted from Poseidon, himself, a magic shell gives any human the ability to control both land and sea. 

When Javelin is called to join a clan of Merrow soldiers bent on protecting their waters from human invasion, Lena resists Merrow law and ventures to the shore with no choice but to swim to land. 

With newfound legs, Lena is whisked away on a new adventure with new friends and new trouble. Everyone seems to want something from her as intrigue lurks around every corner. 

Trying her best to hide who she is and remain safe from the dangers of the human world, will Lena finally find where she belongs, or will she be swept into a strong and stormy current by lust, greed, and jealousy?

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