Audible TBR

It’s gotten a tad out of control.

Usually, I buy one or two books, and that’s it.

I won’t buy more until I’ve read what I bought.

Well, there’s been a shift, and now I have way too many books just sitting in my Audible account waiting for me to read them. I bought and downloaded options so that I could have things to choose from. Since I’ve been trying to cut back on just simply inhaling whole series, I’ve been trying to give myself options to mood read so to speak.

Sigh, the sheer amount of money I’ve thrown at the platform – it’s insane, but I love it.

This post is going to be quick and easy. I just want to show you what I have to choose from! Let me know in the comments if there is something I need to get to immediately. I’m always down for recs!

4 thoughts on “Audible TBR

  1. I’ve heard really good things about The Tethered Mage but haven’t read it myself. If you get to that sooner, rather than later, I’d love to know if you enjoyed it too. (My current Kindle TBR list has exploded recently as well. I feel all the feels for you with the Audible queue.)

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    1. I read The Obsidian Tower last year (takes place in the same world as Tethered Mage) and LOVED IT. So I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up enjoying it. I just need more hours in a day lol and I feel about Kindle TBRs too. All my TBRs across all types are insane, and I don’t have the time LOL


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