Book Review: The Queen’s Line (Inheritance of Hunger #1)

Title: The Queen’s Line

Author: Kathryn Moon

Pub. Date: September 1, 2020

Pages: 315

Pub: Kindle Direct Publishing

Genre: RH Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Kingdom of Kimmery is broken…

Bryony, Princess of Kimmery, has a secret. She lacks the Hunger, the magical and passionate craving that is responsible for Kimmery’s prosperity. Without that power, she will lose the crown and the chance to rule the kingdom she sincerely loves.

The Queen’s Line must select Chosen to satiate their Hunger with and Bryony’s Choosing ceremony has arrived. On her first night with her newly assembled men—a prince, an ambassador, a stablehand, a sculptor, and a rogue—her own secret, and the secrets of Kimmery, spill out between them.

North of Kimmery’s capitol, the people are starving. When her truth is revealed to her iron-hearted grandmother, Bryony invents a plan to buy time. She and her Chosen will go to the desolate Winter palace where she can pretend to explore her Hunger while investigating the kingdom’s failings.

Bryony is determined to take Kimmery and its people back into a golden age, and keep her crown. As passions rise with her chosen so do the obstacles and adversaries they face. Kimmery’s prosperity isn’t the only thing Bryony misunderstood, and the Hunger is more than what it appears.

This will be a spoiler free review. I listened to the audiobook via Audible and I can’t express enough how much I loved this book.

I’d initially seen a recommendation on BookTok, so I took a screenshot to save for later. I have so many books in my Audible library, but I wasn’t really in the mood for any of them, and I remembered the screenshot of this book. So, I went and downloaded it and a few other titles. Then not being able to choose and wanting to read them all, I asked a friend to pick, and he picked The Queen’s Line. So, I dove in.

This book (and the whole series really, because yes, I’ve already finished it) is amazing. It’s the perfect blend of really good spice and really good plot. This is probably the best Reverse Harem book/series I’ve read. I’m still relatively new to RH books, and I’ve read a few, but hands down, I’m 100% recommending this series. And I’m definitely recommending the audiobooks, because omfg.

I don’t have words, I legit just want to shove this book at you with the words read it. And I’ll be honest, I went for the spice, because that’s what the BookTok video hyped up, but I wasn’t prepared for the men – legit loved them all so much – and the fantastic plot. Legit nothing is sacrificed in this book/series. It has everything. And I really loved that not every intimate moment is on the page – the plot is not sacrificed for spice, or vice versa.

This is very much a book that will suck you in, having you fall in love with the characters, biting your lip at the spicy scenes, and invested in the plot.

I feel like I’m really not selling this book enough, but I swear it’s so good. The MC is likeable, you root for her, you feel for her. Watching her grown and start to come into herself is so satisfying. Watching the rose-colored glasses fall away and a fire ignite inside her to do better is satisfying as hell. She’s a bit naïve, but she tries so hard.

The love interests are so good. Like, so good. Like, you can’t choose who you like more. In this book there are 2 main, 2 additional and 1 potential – a stablehand, a sculptor, a prince, an ambassador and a rogue. And while the men are there to be The Chosen of the Princess, there are relationships between some of the men. And the men aren’t just relegated to side characters whose only purpose is to please the princess. There are chapters from their POV’s, so we get to see inside their heads, their hearts, what they think and feel…how they react. And the way they all interact together, how the MC – Bryony genuinely cares for them, their comfort, happiness and safety…it’s so good.

I highly recommend checking this series out. I would say it’s not less graphic than A Court of Silver Flames – so if you read that, you should have a problem with this. This book is the start of a story that sucks you in and takes you on this wonderful journey of a Princess who feels like she doesn’t belong to finding her place and doing what’s best for her Crown and Country. I really don’t think I can express enough just how much I loved this book (and the series). I’m so glad I saw that BookTok video and downloaded the book – I’m so glad I read this book and met Bryony and her guys.

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