3 Books That Hit My Radar #27

Okay, we’re keeping this post quick and dirty because 1) you should definitely check these out ASAP and 2) because I have a little less that 20% of Faking Reality by Sara Fujimura left and I’m dying to know how it ends.

A Curse of Blood and Power: A Chronicle of Fanhalen – Viviene Noel – this sounds really interesting and something I’ll really enjoy. I thank Instagram for bringing this book to my attention, because it sounds pretty damn good.

Heart of the Huntress (Chronicles of Teneria #1) – Amiee Irving – okay, firstly, look at the cover. That alone makes me want to buy this book. And it sounds amazing – thankfully it comes out this year!

Captive (Night Elves of Ardani #1) – Nina K. Westra – again, the cover hooked me! I mean look at it! Also, elves or fae or both, are instantly going to sell me on a book. Plus, the potential romance/relationship hinted at in the synopsis…sold.

Make sure you check these books out and add them to your TBR’s!

A Curse of Blood and Power: A Chronicle of Fanhalen – Viviene Noel

Engulfed in darkness, she will stumble upon her own.

On Fanhalen, world-walking was once a coveted gift wielded only by the Castellain line. But their line is long gone, and since the sudden disappearance of magic at the beginning of the Shadow War, it is only a whispered memory.

In Mahena’s world, twenty-first century Earth, magic doesn’t exist. But when she awakens in another realm, it rapidly becomes clear that whatever magical fragments remain, they react to her. Plagued by dreams and visions of a past she doesn’t remember, and a cruel voice at the back of her head that isn’t hers, she has no choice but to place her trust in the two secretive, mysterious twins who took her in.

With a death warrant on her head, Emmerentia has been in hiding, with the help of her twin, Fàaran, since the war began. When she learns that a part of her memory might have been stolen from her, she decides to come out of the shadows in search of answers. With a complicated past and twisted emotions, the twins’ unwavering loyalty will be put to the test in the face of this new threat.

To find the answer to the mist surrounding Mahena’s true identity, they all must travel to the Scholar-Kingdom, where the last spell cast still holds and the world’s most coveted collection of knowledge resides. But through a land ravaged by spreading Shadows, will they find their way through the dark?

Heart of the Huntress (Chronicles of Teneria #1) – Amiee Irving

Darkness gathers.
And death with it.

Trained with bow and blade, Aloisia is one of the Chosen Seven Huntresses serving Littlewatch-by-the-Sea. As an esteemed member of the Hunting Guild, it is her duty to provide for the town and ensure those most in need do not starve.

But when her brother is arrested for a murder he did not commit, her world is dangerously close to collapse. Though Aloisia knows what she saw that night – monstrous creatures of darkness – without any proof, her brother will hang.

With the appearance of Inari, a mysterious shaman, comes the prospect of answers. Yet Aloisia must be cautious, for his identity is shrouded in shadows and she cannot be certain where his true loyalties lie.

As an ancient force awakens, Aloisia must work together with the shaman to uncover the truth before it is too late. However, there are those who would rather see her brother executed to ensure their own treacherous lies remain concealed.


Captive (Night Elves of Ardani #1) – Nina K. Westra

Everyone knows that night elves would just as soon kill you as look at you. Novikke has never seen one in person, and she’s inclined to keep it that way.

As a member of the Ardanian army, Novikke has no love for night elves. Her people and theirs have been at odds for centuries thanks to the elves’ penchant for violence and hatred of humans. Every citizen of Ardani knows not to approach their land: a vast forest made of shadows and magic that eats outsiders alive.

So when she’s taken prisoner by Aruna, a night elf with too-perceptive eyes and a frightening, otherworldly visage, she has little hope of surviving.

But when he shows her unexpected compassion, Novikke begins to see her captor in a new light—and starts to question everything she thought she knew about his mysterious people. Beneath his quiet, cold exterior lies a wry wit and a surprising sense of honor—and she’s beginning to think that he feels the same troublesome attraction between them that she does.

Now, as a deadly magic and the threat of war loom over them both, Aruna is the only person standing between her and death at the hands of his bloodthirsty kin.

As the two of them grow closer, Novikke wonders: Would a night elf ever betray his own people to protect a human?

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    1. Right? Though, idk if it’s just a bad image file, but it definitely looked more blue-ish on instagram. GR had a really dark image – or the pics on insta were edited to be brighter. Either way, it catches your eye.


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