Covenant Series Recap + The Titan Series Mini Review

I had no intentions of reread the Covenant Series this year or rereading the Titan series (even though I was long overdue). My coworker forgot her AirPods one day, and I asked if she wanted to listen to an audiobook with me. I listen to audiobooks while at work every day – it’s how I blow through so many books. She didn’t want me to have restart whatever I was currently listening to, and after going through my Audible Library she asked me if I had anything similar to Percy Jackson – i.e. Greek Mythology.  

Half-Blood came to mind. And little did I know, she’d get utterly hooked.

In 6 days, we managed to get through the first 4 books and start the 5th one. Unfortunately, she was leaving for a new job, so we had to finish Sentinel separately. I’ve definitely turned her into a Jennifer L. Armentrout fan, and the moment she finished book 5, she dove right into the Titan Series.

So, I did too. She wanted to buddy read them – though I blew ahead due to the audiobooks and her not being able to listen for eight hours a day lol. She’s on the last one now and I keep getting text updates with her reactions. I love it and now I have to decide what to suggest next – I mean, with JLA she really can’t go wrong. I just want her to read all of it, but I don’t know what to tell her to read next lol.

I have a full series review already on my blog from when I reread the series in 2018-2019 so I’m not doing duplicate reviews. If you want to check out my thoughts, you can click here. I loved diving back into these books, the world with the characters. I loved being able to just read them for fun. And reading them again, I’m just further convinced it’s amazing and will always be a favorite. I fucking love Alex as a character, and I’m definitely a sucker for Aiden. I just love it so much. I definitely recommend. Seriously.

As for the Titan Series – it wasn’t until my coworker said she wanted to read them, that I realized I’ve only ever read this series once. Pretty much every other JLA book I own has been read numerous times – apart from her most current releases. I read each of the Titan books when they came out, and never picked them up again. And not for a lack of liking them. I freaking love this series. Where Seth is annoying, unlikeable and makes terrible choices in the Covenant Series, Jen really grows his character in this spin off series.

I mean, really grows his character.

And then there is Josie. Like Alex, she’s strong. But where Alex is brash, loud and hotheaded and a part of the world of Pures and Half-Bloods, Josie isnt. She’s a quieter kind of strong – mentally strong, incredibly resilient and is the ask questions first, punch later kind of person. But like Alex, she’s incredibly endearing and likeable and fucking badass.

The chemistry she has with Seth is really good, and the way they complement each other is so good. I love them together and the journey they go on…phew, it’s not easy.

This series is a really, really good follow up to the events in the Covenant series. It expands the world and furthers the story. With familiar faces popping up, new revelations and drama’s – it keeps you hooked and engaged!

I would totally be down for another spinoff series if Jen was ever so inclined. I feel like just enough was left open at the end of The Prophecy that there could be more. While these series weren’t on my radar to read this year, I’m really glad I did. I was feeling a little burned out and just apathetic towards reading and diving into these series kind of reignited me. JLA books tend to do that for me, so I’m not really surprised lol. But seriously, if you haven’t read these books yet, you really should.

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