Currently Reading & Watching #28

I leave for vacation on Saturday and the fact that I still have to work today and tomorrow sucks. I’m utterly fried all around and it doesn’t help at all that work is a mess. I know once I clock out on Friday I won’t care about work, won’t think or worry about it, but until then, it’s in the forefront of my mind.

I’ve been busting my ass for the last 3ish weeks trying to do everything in my power to not leave work with my bases not being covered. I’ve been at work until after 6PM (I’m scheduled to get off at 4PM) and it’s been so draining. Pair that with heat and the overall lack of desire to work knowing I have a week-long vacation coming up – I’m pretty spent.

I haven’t even started packing yet.

I’m just so tired.

But I’ve been reading a lot, even got some writing in, but I haven’t really been watching a lot. So, let’s dive in.


Small Favors – Erin A. Craig

I listened to this all-day Wednesday while at work, and I’m loving it. I’m creeped out but it’s so good. I loved her debut, and this book isn’t disappointing. Though I’m now realizing that I never actually read the synopsis for the book, I just saw the cover and that Erin was the author and I auto bought it.

Starlight – Lauren Jade Case

I’ve been reading this for a while now. It’s not the books fault – I just sit down to read it when I have no energy and I end up nodding off. Though I did inhale about 30% of it the other night. I really enjoy the characters and the story – I just need a few hours where I’m not exhausted to finally finish it.


The Olympics

Legit this is what’s been on my TV all week, and prior to that, we weren’t really watching anything specific. More just channel hopping and movie surfing.


Because they’re pretty much the only thing I have the brain capacity for this week.

Let me know what you’re currently reading and watching.

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