Book Review: Faking Reality

Title: Faking Reality

Author: Sara Fujimura

Pub. Date: July 13, 2021

Pages: 320

Pub: Tor Teen

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Some Kind of Wonderful meets Kara McDowell’s Just for Clicks with diverse characters, perfect for readers looking for feel-good YA romance and those who like “clean teen” reads

Dakota McDonald swore after “The Great Homecoming Disaster” that she’d never allow her romantic life to be a plot line in her parents’ HGTV show again. But when the restaurant run by the family of her best friend (and secret crush), Leo, is on the line, Dakota might end up eating her own words.

Leo Matsuda dreams of escaping his small town Arizona life and the suffocating demands of working in his family’s restaurant, but the closer he gets to his goal–thanks to the help of his best friend (and secret crush) Dakota–the more reasons there are for him to stay.
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3 Books That Hit My Radar #27

Okay, we’re keeping this post quick and dirty because 1) you should definitely check these out ASAP and 2) because I have a little less that 20% of Faking Reality by Sara Fujimura left and I’m dying to know how it ends.

A Curse of Blood and Power: A Chronicle of Fanhalen – Viviene Noel – this sounds really interesting and something I’ll really enjoy. I thank Instagram for bringing this book to my attention, because it sounds pretty damn good.

Heart of the Huntress (Chronicles of Teneria #1) – Amiee Irving – okay, firstly, look at the cover. That alone makes me want to buy this book. And it sounds amazing – thankfully it comes out this year!

Captive (Night Elves of Ardani #1) – Nina K. Westra – again, the cover hooked me! I mean look at it! Also, elves or fae or both, are instantly going to sell me on a book. Plus, the potential romance/relationship hinted at in the synopsis…sold.

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Covenant Series Recap + The Titan Series Mini Review

I had no intentions of reread the Covenant Series this year or rereading the Titan series (even though I was long overdue). My coworker forgot her AirPods one day, and I asked if she wanted to listen to an audiobook with me. I listen to audiobooks while at work every day – it’s how I blow through so many books. She didn’t want me to have restart whatever I was currently listening to, and after going through my Audible Library she asked me if I had anything similar to Percy Jackson – i.e. Greek Mythology.  

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Book Review: Capture the Crown (Gargoyle Queen #1)

Title: Capture the Crown

Author: Jennifer Estep

Pub. Date: July 6, 2021

Pages: 464

Pub: Harper Voyager

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Bestselling author Jennifer Estep returns to her Crown of Shards world with an all-new trilogy and a bold new heroine who protects her kingdom from magic, murder, and mayhem by moonlighting as a spy. 

Gemma Ripley has a reputation for being a pampered princess who is more interested in pretty gowns, sparkling jewelry, and other frivolous things than learning how to rule the kingdom of Andvari. But her carefully crafted persona is just an act to hide the fact that Gemma is a powerful mind magier—and a spy. 

Gemma is undercover, trying to figure out who is stealing large amounts of tearstone from one of the Ripley royal mines when she encounters Prince Leonidas Morricone of Morta—her mortal enemy. Gemma tries to steer clear of the handsome prince, but when she finds herself behind enemy lines, she reluctantly joins forces with Leo. Also coming to Gemma’s aid is Grimley, her beloved gargoyle.

Despite the fact that Andvari and Morta are old, bitter enemies, a dangerous attraction sparks between Gemma and Leo. Further complicating matters is Leo’s murderous family, especially Queen Maeven Morricone, the mastermind behind the infamous Seven Spire massacre.

The closer Gemma gets to the stolen tearstone, the more deadly plots she uncovers. Everyone is trying to capture the crown, but only one queen can sit on the throne…
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Book Review: Poison & Poultice (The Gate Cycle #1.5)

Title: Poison & Poultice

Author: Kristin Jacques

Pub. Date: July 13, 2021

Pages: 63

Pub: The Parliament House

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Every magic has a taste–from the cold, cloying sweetness of the Winnowrooks to the hinted rot and bitter earth of the Mire witches. To know the flavor of one’s magic is to know the poison that will control it.

Oswin Brixby is a traveling Meister, accompanied by his dearest childhood friend and helpmate, Lia. Trained in the subtle magics mastered by the people of the Hooded Wood, his extensive knowledge of the natural and unnatural world gives him a free pass to the journeyman road–the one and only protected path between the varying territories, Above and Below.

Brixby believes he is content in his wandering trade, though in his heart of hearts, he wonders what his true purpose should be. Despite this nagging doubt, there has never been a reason to change or deviate from the known. That is until Lia stumbles onto two foundlings in the pitch-black depths Below. A boy and a girl whose magic tastes of something far too dangerous to be left alive.
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Blog Tour – Book Review: You & Me at the End of the World

Title: You & Me at the End of the World

Author: Brianna Bourne

Pub. Date: July 20, 2021

Pages: 368

Pub: Scholastic Press

Genre: YA SF Contemporary

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This is no ordinary apocalypse…

Hannah Ashton wakes up to silence. The entire city around her is empty, except for one other person: Leo Sterling. Leo might be hottest boy ever (and not just because he’s the only one left), but he’s also too charming, too selfish, and too devastating for his own good, let alone Hannah’s.

Stuck with only each other, they explore a world with no parents, no friends, and no school and realize that they can be themselves instead of playing the parts everyone expects of them. Hannah doesn’t have to be just an overachieving, music-box-perfect ballerina, and Leo can be more than a slacker, 80s-glam-metal-obsessed guitarist. Leo is a burst of honesty and fun that draws Hannah out, and Hannah’s got Leo thinking about someone other than himself for the first time.

Together, they search for answers amid crushing isolation, but while their empty world may appear harmless . . . it’s not. Because nothing is quite as it seems, and if Hannah and Leo don’t figure out what’s going on, they might just be torn apart forever. 

This epic will-they-won’t-they relationship is a totally fresh and irreverent YA novel that is as much a love story as it is a story about finding yourself. The book also contains a MAJOR twist that will have readers’ jaws on the floors long after turning the final page.


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June’21 eBook Haul

Clearly, I didn’t pay attention to just how many times I One-Clicked books on Amazon…or pre-ordered them. I honestly can’t remember the last time I hauled this many eBooks in a month. Have a read any of them…well, a few. I mostly blame the Stolen Brides of the Fae series – because one, it’s a handful of books, and two, I went and bought some of the author’s other books. I mean, of course I had to look at their works and figure out if anything else immediately caught my eye…clearly, they did.

But most of these books are by authors I’ve read before – quite a few are new to me, and I’ve definitely found some new favorites. I don’t regret hauling a bunch of eBooks – they take up less space and honestly, are easier to read. I don’t know about you, but it’s a hell of a lot easier and comfortable to curl up with my Kindle over a physical book. With my Kindle I don’t need lights, or my glasses and at the end of the day, that’s preferrable. Also, eBooks just tend to read faster – I don’t know why that is.

But enough of me rambling on.

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Book Review: the Art of Breaking Up

Title: the Art of Breaking Up

Author: Elizabeth Stevens

Pub. Date: June 8, 2021

Pages: 400

Pub: Sleeping Dragon Books

Genre: YA/NA Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4.5


Breaking up is hard to do. Whether you’re breaking up with a bad habit, a life you know, or your first boyfriend. But we all have to do it. It’s just one of the many sucky things about growing up. Some of us do it better than others. I do it badly.

Wade Phillips shattered Lisa McGinty’s heart in Year 10 for no known reason. One minute he was the perfect boy-next-door boyfriend, star goalie on the soccer team, and future head prefect. The next he was like a different person altogether, dumping Lisa and systematically making his way through every girl in our year.

By Year 12, he’d made it through most of them and was on to the year below. He’d miraculously made Head Prefect and was somehow still on the Soccer team, even though he put more effort into partying.

Lisa and I were used to his sarcastic teasing, his shallow taunting, and his insincere flirting. My best friend put on a brave face in front of him, but she still felt the sting. I knew she still loved him. At least, she thought she did. I kept waiting for her to see he wasn’t worth it.

No one knew what happened to Wade and no one got close to him anymore. Not until a life-altering incident throws me unavoidably into his path.

For one single second, I see through the armour he’s built. It takes just one single second for him to see through mine. Something connects us. It turns out, Wade Phillips might be the only one who understands me. It turns out, I might be the only one who understands him.

Wade Phillips might be the guy to teach me the art of breaking up, but will my heart – and Lisa’s – break in the process?
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Most Anticipated 2021 – Quarter 3

I honestly don’t understand how we’re already in July, that the year is half over and we’re roughly 6 months out from Christmas and the New Year.

I can’t believe it’s already time for my Quarter 3 Anticipated Reads List – honestly I nearly forgot to do this post. And I’m like 90% certain I left so many books off of it. So many books have been announced (for this year and next) and if they’re not listed on the GR monthly releases lists – I missed them.

But all the books on this list are ones I’m really looking forward to.

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Book Review: The Kingdom’s Crown (Inheritance of Hunger #3)

Title: The Kingdom’s Crown

Author: Kathryn Moon

Pub. Date: December 29, 2020

Pages: 376

Pub: Kindle Direct Publishing

Genre: RH Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The path to power never did run smooth…

Princess Bryony and her Chosen have been challenged, threatened, and attacked, but it’s news from the capital that lands the hardest blow.

Bryony’s greatest ally is at risk, and if she loses her grandmother’s support she may lose the crown as well. Returning to the capital introduces new enemies and dangers, as well as painful memories. Her grandmother is dying, her sister is feasting on flesh and wasting magic in the shadows, and the Queen is hiding from the ugly truths of Kimmery.

With her patience at its end and her Chosen gathered close, it’s time for Bryony to break the grip the council has on the kingdom, forge new alliances, and learn the depth of her own magic.

The kingdom’s crown will be hers, even if claiming it comes with painful sacrifice.
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