Book Review: Dark Seduction (Vampire Royals of New York #2)

Title: Dark Seduction

Author: Sarah Piper

Pub. Date: October 30, 2020

Pages: 370

Pub: Two Gnomes Media

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


Betraying the vampire king has deadly consequences. But what if you crave the punishment?


Get in, get the intel, get out. And above all, don’t get noticed.
As a master thief, Charley D’Amico lived by those rules… until she screwed up and fell in love with her mark—a sexy, commanding vampire king whose cravings are as dark as his secrets.

She should be running for her life.

Instead, she’s running into his arms. Into his bed. Into his punishing, demanding mouth.
Bad idea? Definitely. But if anyone can help Charley take down her vicious uncle and keep her sister out of danger, it’s Dorian Redthorne…

Assuming he doesn’t kill her first.


For vampire king Dorian Redthorne, love and betrayal have always gone hand in hand.
Charlotte D’Amico is no different. Her dark, sinful seduction was all a lie.

Dorian should kill her. Tear the bloody heart from her chest.

But when she comes to him for help destroying the man who controls her life—a man working for House Redthorne’s mortal enemies—there’s no way he’ll turn her down.
No way he’ll let her back into his bed, either.
How can he? He’s the immortal vampire king, and she’s a devious little traitor.
And traitors must be punished.

All. Night. Long.

This will be a spoiler free review. I listened to the audiobook via Audible, and I did not expect that shocking bomb to drop at the end of this book. Talk about plot twist. You can check out my spoiler free review of Dark Deception if you’re interested.

Okay, so I knew something was up, that Charley – well, her father – was more embroiled in the world of the paranormal that anyone previously thought. But the ending? Would never had guessed. I was legit on vacation, applying sunscreen while listening to the last 20ish minutes and just about freaked out and the ending. It 100% leaves you wanting more – and when I go to work tomorrow (August 9) I’m definitely starting the final book in this trilogy.

Not only do I need to know what happens next and how this is all going to end – I also just love Dorian and Charley and want more of them.

Their relationship in this book was really good and leaves you feeling all sorts of things, but at the same time, I was a tad disappointed. I wanted a little more from Dorian. I know he kind of overreacts to Charley’s “betrayal” but I love drama, and I wanted to see more of his angry resolve. And while it’s not entirely fair to Charley, I’m a sucker for drama, and watching her lightly suffer at Dorian’s adamant refusal of her was just so good.

So dramatic.

It raised the tension, and I just ate it up.

And I really liked that we get a hint at Dorian’s darker, more animalistic side. It’s just a hint, just a tease, but omfg. I don’t want to say it leaves you wanting more, because civilized Dorian is so damn yummy, but it cements the idea of just how dangerous these vampires are.

Then there’s the spice – and phew. Dorian doesn’t play around.

I also really loved the expansion of the world – we get the werewolves now, and the grey’s (vamps whose base instinct is to fuck, feed, kill). And I love that Charley’s sister gets a bigger role, and she meet’s the Redthorne’s. Her practically instant friendship with Aiden just furthers my belief that he’s amazing and a fantastic friend.

As for the plot – this book never stops. Between Charley’s betrayal, Dorian’s angst and drama, the shit going on in the world of paranormals, Michael’s machinations (he’s a shit) and the reveals about Charley and the missing art and her fucking Uncle Rudy – there’s just so much. It makes for a really good read that you don’t want to put down.

I’m 100% recommending this book – this series. I was in the mood for vampires and these first two books have not disappointed in the slightest. Pick it up and fall in love with Dorian and Charley and watch their whirlwind relationship unfold.

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