Audible TBR Update – Hold Me Accountable

I need your help.

If you saw my post from last week – Audible Library Update – then you know I’m drowning in audiobooks. It doesn’t matter how many different collections I create on the app, or whether I tell myself I’m going to read XYZ books.

So, I’m posting here, on my blog, the list of books I need and want to read, in an order I’m determined to stick to. I want you to hold me accountable lol.

I need a little bit of peer pressure. I need to stop just almost mindlessly buying and downloading audiobooks – I’ll never get through them.

I’m about halfway, maybe a little less than that through Kingdom of Ash and that should be done this week. After that, don’t let me buy anymore audiobooks, or read stuff that isn’t on this list.

I’m counting on y’all to make sure I stay on task lol.

I think the biggest struggle is going to be sticking to the order. I’ve done my best to judge which I really, really want to read – because let’s face it, I want to read them all – and those I’m okay with sitting on for a little while longer. I don’t know if I want to give myself permission to switch the order around if I’m not in the right mood – I guess I’ll wait and see. Some books might not be out by the time I get to them – so in that case, obviously I’ll rearrange. But for now, this order is sticking and I’m excited.

I’m excited to dive back into Kingdom of Ash tomorrow, but I’m also excited to get back to reading some other books. It’s been fun leisurely re-reading the TOG series and remembering why I love it so much. But seven books is a lot to read one after another – especially something so expansive and immersive.

Let me know in the comments if you are someone who can set a determined list of books, and go through them in order.

3 thoughts on “Audible TBR Update – Hold Me Accountable

  1. I try… I really do… to stick to a list but I find that I’m not always successful, especially with a LONG list. 5-7 seems to be my sweet spot for getting a list checked off without getting distracted. So… cheering you on to stick with your current list. You’ve got a lot of great titles on there for inspiration!

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