Sept’21 Wrap Up

I think this is the first month where I didn’t read (or inhale) an asinine number of books.

Between doing nothing while on vacation and being promoted at work – I didn’t really have the time or energy.

Which seems to be the song of the year.

This promotion at work has me in a supervisor role, which means, less time for me to sit and listen to audiobooks while I work. It means more of managing people. And I’m learning – I’m not a fan of managing people. I just wish people showed up to work to do work – a lot of the people I work with, they don’t have even a similar work ethic to me and would rather just bide their time for eight hours. I can’t explain how frustrating it is. And because I’m younger than them, they don’t acknowledge that I hold supervisor status – so that’s fucking fantastic.

But, back to books, and not me bitching about work.

I didn’t read that many, mainly spent in Erilea with Aelin and Co. I finally finished my TOG Series re-read and read a few other pretty good books. So, let’s check them out!

48650780. sx318 The Maiden Ship (The Maiden Ship #1) – Micheline Ryckman

PB Finished: September 1, 2021 / 4 / Review TK / GR

I don’t know what it was, but while I was really excited to read this the first week I was on vacation, by the second week, I had very little interest. I more or less had to force myself to finish it. I’m going to finish the duology, because I’m definitely interested in finding out what happens next. But I’m potentially writing a Pirate book for NaNo, so I’m going to steer clear for now. I think the writing was pretty good, and the story came to life – I had no problems imagining the world and the characters.

55301100Like a Love Song – Gabriela Martins

PB Finished: September 2, 2021 / 4 / Review TK / GR

This was adorable af. I loved every minute of it. I inhaled this book – one afternoon. I know it’s not long, but it sucks you and you fall in love with the characters. It was just a fun contemporary romance and I recommend everyone picking it up and reading it. You won’t regret it. Seriously, it’s feel good, fun and has some more touching moments. I’d been looking forward to this book for months and I’m so glad I was finally able to read it and fall in love. 

48668838Never Saw You Coming – Erin Hahn

eARC Finished: September 2, 2021 / 5 / Review / GR

“[…] This book kept me up until 3:30 AM.

I can’t tell you the last book to do that. I’ve definitely stayed up last reading on a work night, but that was more stress related than, I legit can’t put this book down.

This book had me feeling all the feels. All of them.

I know this book will mean a lot to so many people – and while I can’t relate to the church aspect and the stigma and rules surrounding how people are accepted – it’s still a relatable novel.

I don’t have all of the same struggles as Meg, but what she does and goes through and the confusion it wrought in her mind – I think that is relatable to almost every girl and woman.”

51035701The Splendor – Brianna Shields

ARC Finished: September 3, 2021 / 5 / Review TK / GR

Lowkey, I thought this was the start of a new duology and I’m kind of bummed it wasn’t. I did really like that it was a standalone, because that means no waiting, but I wanted more of the world. More of the characters. This book did not play out how I expected – in any way. All of my expectations weren’t met, but in the best, most surprising way. Once again, Breeana knocked it out of the park, and you should fall into this fantastical book. Take a trip to The Splendor and find out its secrets.

20613470Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) – Sarah J. Maas

Audiobook Finished: September 8, 2021 / 5 / GR

I really forgot how good Aelin and Rowan are. I mean, I know. But watching them grow close, fall in love, crawl back from their respective darkness’s…so good. Sarah is a genius. The threads she weaves. I have to admit, I like this series more over ACTOAR. I’m look a good fantasy with plot and romance, and TOG has the stronger plot. But also, just Aelin and Rowan. I can’t express enough how much I love them. And I know I’m not alone in that regard. I seriously love the development of their relationship. 

18006496Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) – Sarah J. Maas

Audiobook Finished: September 15, 2021 / 5 / GR

I legit forgot what happened in most of this book, minus the reunion. That I was really looking forward to. Once Rowan and Aelin become a team, I want nothing more than to read about them all of the time. I definitely forgot how good this book is. I love Heir of Fire and apart from Tower of Dawn, always thought it was my favorite. But QOS is fantastic. Plot-wise things are really picking up and rolling and I enjoyed every minute of it. I did find it interesting that my feelings about Manon were roughly the same. Until the last two books (minus TOD since she’s not in it) I’ve never really cared about her story. I definitely had more of an appreciation in this book. Her development arc is really well done, and knowing how it all ends, put it in clear perspective for me. Once again, if I’m ever able to plot as well as Sarah…

28260587Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) – Sarah J. Maas

Audiobook Finished: September 19, 2021 / GR

The ending to this book. If you know, you know. It breaks me. I was actually lowkey dreading reading it. Also, omfg Aelin is fucking brilliantly terrifying. The way her brain works – honestly if I can ever plot as well as SJM, I’ll be golden. I’m actually in awe in how she created the world and the overlapping plot lines and the schemes Aelin comes up with.

31450852Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) – Sarah J. Maas

Audiobook Finished: September 26, 2021 / Review / GR

“[…] I was kind of on the fence about this novel, not really being a fan or interested in Chaol’s story. I’VE NEVER BEEN SO GLAD TO EAT MY WORDS. I LOVED this book. The world that Sarah has created for these characters – the amount of detail is astounding. I wish it were possible to visit Antica, The Eridun Aerie, The Torre Cesme and basically every other place in The Southern Continent.

I loved Chaol. I loved Yrene. I loved Sartaq. I loved Nesryn. Basically, I loved all the main characters. I loved how Choal and Yrene had the “enemies to lovers” relationship, and I loved how Srataq was basically a fanboy of Nesryn.”

33590260Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass #7) – Sarah J. Maas

Audiobook Finished: September 30, 2021 / GR

So, I thought I reviewed this after reading it the first time, but I guess I didn’t. I can definitely tell you that I did not retain most of this book when I read it the first time. I guess inhaling it in one sitting means you miss a lot LOL.

This really was like reading it for the first time, and I forgot how emotional this book is. How much of a rollercoaster it is. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better ending for this series. I kind of hope we get another book – a novella even post KOA. I just want to see everyone living life and thriving.

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