3 Books That Hit My Radar #29

More book recommendations!

I’m literally sitting on a list of new to me books that I cannot wait to share with y’all. All of these books caught my eye because of their covers. I’m really excited to dive into these books – they sound like they’re going to be really good.

When Stars Fall From The Sky (The Sky Gazers #1) – LaNona Walker –

Omfg, it feels like this book was made for me. SF set in space with action drama and what appears to be a great amount of tension. I cannot wait to read this.

Flame and Starlight (The Esteria #1) – Dana Isaly –

Oh look, another book that looks like it was written for me. You give me Fae, and a tall dark handsome guy who more or less kidnaps a human girl and then a romance? Yes please, fuck. I’m going to inhale this.

Fear the Fall – Melissa Winters –

Oh boy am I a sucker for a book about the rivalry between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell. Through in a romance and fallen angels…I’m sold.

Let me know if you’ve heard of any of these or read them! Or let me know if you’re going to add them to your own TBRs!

When Stars Fall From The Sky (The Sky Gazers #1) – LaNona Walker

In 2305 when stars are considered myths, other planets are being colonized, and alliances are made with other inhabitants of the galaxies. Mallory has been the outcast for as long as she can remember, searching for things she shouldn’t, and knowing more than she should.

In the world she knows, everyone is after something.
Some more than others.

In a search for the truth, she finds more than she bargained for. And as things take a dangerous turn, the lines become blurred, and everyone is on a different side. Leaving her in the middle, as both the target and prize for whatever game she’s been thrust into. There’s no way out this time.

The human girl is alone among humans, lost in her love of stars, and in a race to meet the demands of those who can’t be refused.

Flame and Starlight (The Esteria #1) – Dana Isaly

Alys grew up hearing stories about the Fae that were hunting her; dark, powerful creatures that could live forever. Her mother warned her about them, moving them from city to city, always trying to stay one step ahead.

But Alys always thought they were merely the ramblings of an eccentric woman and let her guard down once her mother was gone. Left on her own, she’s found, marked, and taken.

Asher is tall, dark, and handsome…and Fae.

He claims he took Alys from the human world for her own safety but she doesn’t trust him or the dangerous feeling he stirs inside of her. As he pushes, she pulls, refusing to be used as a pawn in whatever game he’s playing.

Forced to live under the same roof as her captor, Alys soon learns there’s more to the story, discovering the disturbing truth about her connection to Asher. When the opportunity to leave presents itself, it won’t be easy for her to walk away. Faced with an impossible decision, she’ll have to choose what life she wants to lead, and who she wants to lead it with. 

Fear the Fall – Melissa Winters –

The legends are true.

The war between good and evil is real. Hell is real.

I’ve seen vampires and demons with my own eyes. They don’t show themselves to many, and the unfortunate few who come head-to-head with them rarely live to tell about it. I’m one of the lucky few.

But that’s only a piece of this story.

I’m Victoria English, a hunter living among mortals. More importantly, a fallen angel.

Why did I fall?

For love.

It was all a lie. 

If you’ve read any of these, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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