Book Review: Thronebreakers (Crownchasers #1)

Title: Thronebreakers

Author: Rebecca Coffindaffer

Pub. Date: October 12, 2021

Pages: 384

Pub: HarperTeen


Rating: 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Perfect for fans of Aurora Rising, The Hunger Games, and Three Dark Crowns, this electrifying duology closer is jam-packed with tension and thrills that will hook readers from its first page.

Alyssa Farshot never wanted to rule the empire. But to honor her uncle’s dying wish, she participated in the crownchase, a race across the empire’s 1,001 planets to find the royal seal and win the throne. Alyssa tried to help her friend, Coy, win the crownchase, but just as victory was within their grasp, Edgar Voles killed Coy—and claimed the seal for himself.

Broken-hearted over her friend’s death, Alyssa is hell-bent on revenge. But Edgar is well protected in the kingship. Alyssa will have to rally rivals, friends, and foes from across the empire to take him down and change the course of the galaxy.

This will be a spoiler free review. I listened to the audiobook via Audible and omfg I’m obsessed with this duology. This is hands down one of my all-time favorite SFF duologies. I slept on Crownchasers for far too long and regretted it. Because once I read it, I was sunk. I was in love, completely captivated and wanted more. You can check out my spoiler free review for Crownchasers here.

Y’all pick these books up.

Pick them up.

I promise you won’t be bored for a minute.

I promise you’ll fall in love.

I promise you’ll have so much fun.

And I promise that you’ll feel all the things.

So, go pick it up.

Pick up the first one and dive in.

Do not sleep on this duology.

This sequel blew me away. If my own SF WIP is a fraction as good as this duology was – then I’ll be so happy. This book was fantastic, had me feeling all the things, and I couldn’t have guessed how it was all going to play out.

By the time I got to the end – that epilogue shattered me. Not because it was a sad or bad ending, but because this was it. This was where I had to say goodbye to these characters – and I was dreading it. It actually hurt to have to leave this world and these characters.

I utterly fell in love with Alyssa and HM. The journey Alyssa goes on, the mantles she takes up – her character growth is phenomenal. I loved the portrayal of grief and how one deals with it. I loved how Alyssa has to be bigger than what she wants, what she would rather not do, but is necessary. I love that her own

HM owns my soul. He’s wonderful, sweet, sarcastic and just such a good character. I love that he can be there for Alyssa – that his presence is enough. I love that they find strength in each other, that he’s the calm logic to her act first, contemplate later personality.

I love that even when Alyssa is deep in her own head, barreling down whatever path, or running headfirst into a potentially very dangerous situation, she takes moments to make sure he’s okay. She’s not as good at it as HM, but she tries and that’s wonderful.  

Legit, I loved all the characters – even the one I was expecting to. Also, there was a character in this that had me enraged. And I mean, livid. Kudos to Rebecca for creating such a diabolical and utterly unlikable character. I loved the twist, the strings the character was manipulating – I could have never guessed, but it worked so well. I seriously couldn’t have guessed, and the reveal left me reeling, angry and absolutely enjoying myself.

And the world – the worlds, to be more accurate – Rebecca created the whole concept of the crownchase, taking us across planets and civilizations. She cranked up the action and drama and it all just came to life. This book played out like a movie, and now I need a TV series for these books. This gave me Stargate, Farscape, Firefly, Dark Matter vibes. Farscape is like, my all-time favorite SFF tv show, and this duology is on par. Like, if it were to be a show, it might know Farscape out of the top spot. (also totally go watch Farscape, it’s incredible.) But this book (both really) come right to life in your mind and it’s so vivid.

Honestly, I just want to scream at you to go read this book.

That’s it.

That’s the review.

It was so amazing, the first one was so amazing and if you like SFF with great characters, touching moments and tons of action – then you’re going to want to pick this up. I’m such a sucker for space SF and it’s seriously lacking in trad pubbed YA – so when I find it, I jump on it. And y’all this is exactly the kind of space SF that I live for. I love it so much and always enjoy myself. This book is no exception and I urge you to read it. It’s been about a week since I finished it and I’m still not okay. I’m actually quite sad that it was only a duology. I could inhale so many more books set in this expansive world, with these characters, or hell, new ones. Though, I definitely want more Alyssa and HM. These are definitely going to be books that I scream about and shove at people for ages. And I already know I’m going to reread them. Hell, I just had the urge – and if I didn’t have other things I need to read, I might just give in.

Seriously, read them.
I swear you’ll enjoy them.

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