May’21 eBook Haul

You know when you think you go crazy with the One-Clicking, but then you realize, you really didn’t?

Yeah, me too.

I for sure thought I’d purchased way more eBooks in May – enough to warrant their own post. It’s why I didn’t include them in my May’21 Book Haul post. I was terrible at writing down what I hauled last month, so I just assumed I’d hauled a bunch. I don’t know why I thought I hauled a lot – I know I looked at a lot of eBooks…so maybe that’s why. But in reality, I only accumulated a few of them. Bonus – this post is going to be really easy to write! I honestly can’t remember when I had a book haul of any kind that was only a few books long. This is going to be like a breath of fresh air.

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Book Review: Summer (Evermore Academy #3)

Title: Summer

Author: Audrey Grey

Pub. Date: April 15, 2021

Pages: 438

Pub: Starfall Press

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Welcome to Evermore Academy where the magic is dark, the immortals are beautiful, and being human SUCKS.

After Hellebore Narcissus exposed my secret, he claimed me as his, a pawn in a deadly Faerie game I’m only just beginning to understand.

Now, I’m caught in a complex web of bloodthirsty courts, ancient feuds, and the lust for ultimate power. To expose Hellebore and recover the Darken’s soulstone, I must become an expert at navigating the cunning world of the Fae and my new life at the academy—all the while resisting my true mate, the Winter Prince.

Win this game, and I regain my freedom while saving humanity—lose and the entire mortal world will fall to the Fae.

But what if the only way to win involves giving up my soulmate forever?
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Book Review: Instructions for Dancing

Title: Instructions for Dancing

Author: Nicola Yoon

Pub. Date: June 3, 2021

Pages: 304

Pub: Penguin

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️


#1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything, Everything and The Sun is Also a Star Nicola Yoon is back with her eagerly anticipated third novel. With all the heart and hope of her last two books, this is an utterly unique romance.

Evie Thomas doesn’t believe in love anymore. Especially after the strangest thing occurs one otherwise ordinary afternoon: She witnesses a couple kiss and is overcome with a vision of how their romance began . . . and how it will end. After all, even the greatest love stories end with a broken heart, eventually.

As Evie tries to understand why this is happening, she finds herself at La Brea Dance studio, learning to waltz, fox-trot, and tango with a boy named X. X is everything that Evie is not: adventurous, passionate, daring. His philosophy is to say yes to everything–including entering a ballroom dance competition with a girl he’s only just met.

Falling for X is definitely not what Evie had in mind. If her visions of heartbreak have taught her anything, it’s that no one escapes love unscathed. But as she and X dance around and toward each other, Evie is forced to question all she thought she knew about life and love. In the end, is love worth the risk?
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Book Review: Better Together

Title: Better Together

Author: Christine Riccio

Pub. Date: June 1, 2021

Pages: 448

Pub: Wednesday Books

Genre: YA LGBT Contemporary Romance

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


Jamie’s an aspiring standup comic in Los Angeles with a growing case of stage anxiety.

Siri’s a stunning ballerina from New Jersey nursing a career-changing injury.

They’ve both signed up for the same session at an off the grid Re-Discover Yourself Retreat in Colorado. When they run into each other, their worlds turn upside down.

Jamie and Siri are sisters, torn apart at a young age by their parent’s volatile divorce. They’ve grown up living completely separate lives: Jamie with their Dad and Siri with their Mom. Now, reunited after over a decade apart, they hatch a plot to switch places. It’s time they get to know and confront each of their estranged parents.

With an accidental assist from some fortuitous magic, Jamie arrives in New Jersey, looking to all the world like Siri, and Siri steps off her flight sporting a Jamie glamour.

The sisters unexpectedly find themselves stuck living in each other’s shoes. Soon Siri’s crushing on Jamie’s best friend Dawn. Jamie’s falling for the handsome New Yorker she keeps running into, Zarar. Alongside a parade of hijinks and budding romance, both girls work to navigate their broken family life and the stresses of impending adulthood.

Freaky Friday meets The Parent Trap in New York Times bestselling author Christine Riccio’s Better Together, a sparkling and heartfelt story about sisters, second chances, finding romance, and finding yourself.
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Book Review: The Hunter and the Mage (The Raven and the Dove #2)

Title: The Hunter and the Mage

Author: Kaitlyn Davis

Pub. Date: September 21, 2020

Pages: 495

Pub: Amazon Digital Services

Genre: YA Fantasy Romance Retelling

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


Return to the world of The Raven and the Dove, where winged people rule the skies, a lost kingdom lives at sea, and two star-crossed lovers hold the fate of each in their palms. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Leigh Bardugo!

A mage written in prophecy…

When Lyana wakes in the Sea of Mist, adventure is the first thing on her mind. But between her unruly new magic and an unyielding young king, the world below comes with more responsibility than she ever dreamed. An entire civilization exists within the fog, and its survival depends entirely on her.

A hunter forged in blood…

Adrift at sea on a ship full of strangers, Rafe fights to cope with his new reality. He’ll do anything to return to the sky and the people he left behind. When a surprising offer comes his way, he instantly accepts, sparing no time to consider the consequences.

Loyalties are tested and an ancient war begins anew…

With rebellion in her heart, Cassi defies her king and befriends the prince she’s been ordered to kill. Oblivious to the threat, Xander welcomes her into his inner circle, determined to rescue his mate. As one works to help and the other to hinder, an ancient enemy stirs, forcing Cassi to choose between trusting the man who broke her heart and turning her back on everything she’s ever known. 
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May’21 Wrap Up

Looking at this list, I read a lot more than I thought I did.

Overall, it was a pretty decent reading month – definitely found some new favorites that should be on everyone’s TBR. But there were also quite a few disappointments – some more than others. Definitely some of my most anticipated reads didn’t meet my expectations, and others the story just fell incredibly flat. There were even some that I ended up DNF-ing because it wasn’t worth trying to force myself to read them.

I’m not upset with how May went – I truly did read some amazing books and I can’t wait to throw them at all my friends. Like in past months, most of these were audiobooks – thank god for them. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would read. And thank god for shorter/novella length books. they’re such a refreshing change of pace from long fantasy/NA reads. They’re perfect for those evenings where work has wiped me, but I still want to read.

But let’s check out what I read in May! Continue reading “May’21 Wrap Up”

Book Review: For the Wolf (Wilderwood #1)

Title: For the Wolf

Author: Hannah F. Whitten

Pub. Date: June 1, 2021

Pages: 448

Pub: Orbit Books

Genre: YA Fantasy Retellings

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The first daughter is for the Throne.
The second daughter is for the Wolf.

For fans of Uprooted and The Bear and the Nightingale comes a dark fantasy novel about a young woman who must be sacrificed to the legendary Wolf of the Wood to save her kingdom. But not all legends are true, and the Wolf isn’t the only danger lurking in the Wilderwood.

As the only Second Daughter born in centuries, Red has one purpose-to be sacrificed to the Wolf in the Wood in the hope he’ll return the world’s captured gods.

Red is almost relieved to go. Plagued by a dangerous power she can’t control, at least she knows that in the Wilderwood, she can’t hurt those she loves. Again.

But the legends lie. The Wolf is a man, not a monster. Her magic is a calling, not a curse. And if she doesn’t learn how to use it, the monsters the gods have become will swallow the Wilderwood-and her world-whole.

Content Warnings can be found here. Continue reading “Book Review: For the Wolf (Wilderwood #1)”

May’21 Book Haul

Okay, we’ve established that I have no self-control. So, this haul is vastly huge just like previous months. Despite having a long weekend to work on this post – since once again I apparently have more money than brains, I chose to read a book instead…and reorganize my bookshelves. Honestly, my time management could use some work.

Since, I opted to stay up and finish reading For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten, I’m going to leave out the ARC’s I collected, and those will be in a NetGalley Update coming at you soon. I’m also going to do a separate eBook Haul, since I kind of went nuts in that regard too – so keep an eye out for both of those posts coming at you in the near future.

Let’s dive into this, quickly – because I technically have to be up for work in like, 4.5 hours. Don’t judge, I could not put that book down – 10/10 do recommend. Continue reading “May’21 Book Haul”

Posts You Might’ve Missed This Month #5

May flew by.

I can’t believe tomorrow is June…that’s insane.

It was a pretty good reading month – found some new favorites and was disappointed by others. Overall, it was a mixed bag. Looking back, I really did read a lot…though it didn’t necessarily feel like a lot.

So, let’s take a look. Continue reading “Posts You Might’ve Missed This Month #5”

Currently Reading & Watching #26

Wow, I sat down to write this post and my mind went completely blank.

Between the heat & humidity, allergies and the fucking incessant noise coming from all these damn cicadas, my mental capacity is at an all-time low.

On a happier note, it’s a long weekend and I’ve been actively working on my WIP. I won’t go into too much detail since I’ll be doing a Writing Update at the end of the month – but I’ve really fallen back in love with my SF WIP. It’s not nearly as terrible as I think it is, and it’s actually kind of what I want to read right now.

But I’m constantly exhausted, so progress is slow going, but it is progress.

I’ve started a new show – it’s interesting. And I’m reading 2 different books right now.

So, let’s get into that. Continue reading “Currently Reading & Watching #26”