Book Signings – Anna Bright, Brigid Kemmerer & Breeana Shields

img_7721Maybe you’ve already seen it on Twitter – and by ‘it’ I mean, what I did this weekend. Well, firstly I went to two book signings, Brigid signed at both, but the second one I got to moderate.


And Breeana, whose book The Bone Charmer is amazing you should go read it.

But I got to moderate for Brigid at one of her signings.

If I could go back and tell 2012 me, who had just discovered Brigid, who was only a fan who made a shirt with ‘Elemental’ and ‘#TeamGabriel’ and ‘#MerrickBrothers’ on it, would one day get to moderate one of Brigid’s signings, not to mention be her friend…I would think I was crazy. I also still have the shirt I made – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of it.

It’s so surreal, and I still can’t believe I had to opportunity to do this. It was even weirder being on that side of a signing, in more of a ‘professional’ capacity over a ‘fan’ capacity. I’m so grateful Brigid gave me this opportunity, and hopefully in the future it can happen again.

img_7690But let me backtrack, and start with Saturday’s signing, since that one was first.

Actually, I guess I should backtrack a little bit more, and say that I was supposed to moderate this signing – the one with Anna Bright. Then Brigid asked if I would be okay with doing her Delaware signing instead. I said yes, and while I was bummed that I wasn’t going to get to ask Brigid and Anna questions, I was still excited to go and just be a fan and support both of them.

Brad and Britney from AudioShelf – who have a Booktube, Bookstagram and Podcast, moderated the Saturday signing, and they Live Streamed the whole thing. Between them, Brigid and Anna, the atmosphere was light and fun and just overall fantastic to listen to. Though, not going to lie, I made sure I paid attention to their questions because I was a bit nervous of moderating at the Delaware signing.

img_7685You should also go follow them across all their platforms – they’re pretty amazing and funny and definitely worth it!

Anyways, I went to this signing with my best friend, she hadn’t been to a signing in forever, so it was really fun being able to go with her. We went to Brigid’s first ever signing for Storm back when it released, and we always try to go to any of her local signings (if our schedules permit). We got to be fans and wait in line for Brigid to sign our books – my collection is growing again.

img_7724Brigid teased that Curse 3 has a title, and that it’s really good. She also said that it might be revealed in the next couple months, so everyone should keep an eye out. She also said that Curse 3 will have four POVs – Harper, Rhen, Grey and Lia Mara – so for everyone who missed Rhen and Harper, fear not! They will be back.

Anna talked about her aspirations for The Boundless which is due out in June, and how she originally wanted the book to have about a billion POVs – spoiler, it doesn’t much to her dismay. She also briefly talked about her next project and I’m looking forward to it.

Brigid and Anna are always fun to listen to and watch whenever they’re together. Make sure you check out The Beholder if you haven’t yet – also, make sure you check out the Elemental Series by Brigid. It doesn’t get enough love.

img_7726Saturday’s signing was a lot of fun, and it ended too soon…even though it lasted for over two hours? I was bummed it ended, but that only meant that the next day I was going to be moderating a signing for Brigid and Breeana.

Fast-forward a night and a few hours, and I’m in a car with Brigid, headed to Christiana Mall in Delaware. Honestly, I was pretty nervous. I don’t really like speaking in front of people, it’s never really be something I’ve enjoyed or even been good at. I spent the whole car ride internally freaking out while we chatted about books, writing, everything and anything.

When we finally reached the Barnes and Nobles at the mall, this is where it got a bit surreal.

img_7725In the past, I would go, find a seat and sit there until the authors come out. This time, I got to go with Brigid to the Employees Only break room, and we hung out there and chatted for a bit. Then it was time to go downstairs, and they led us around the back side of the escalator and behind some shelves and then out to the table. It was just weird being on the other side of it. How many times had I seen the authors show up, come out of a back room before the signing? How many times had I wondered what that would be like, to be there with them, hell, to be one of them?

While I’m not yet published, and I was there to ask questions, it was this little glimpse into what I really hope is in my future.

Then the questioning started – by yours truly – and I started with ‘How Dare You?’ directed at Brigid. For those of you who have read and finished A Heart so Fierce and Broken you’ll understand. Then I talked up Breeana’s book, The Bone Charmer, which I had recently read, and it really was amazing. It’s being slept on, so go, pick it up. It’s so good!

img_7689From there my nerves kind of disappeared. They never fully went away, because I was sitting and talking into a mic in front of a lot of people, but I was able to push them towards the back of my mind and kind of get lost in the moment.

Once again Brigid teased about the title to Curse 3 and asked if everyone wanted to know what the title was.

The crowd basically erupted, and Brigid had to backpedal. I was sitting there thinking that sometime overnight she’d been approved to reveal it, but nope. Everyone got so excited and I really cannot wait to see the announcement for it. Then she said it’s “A Blank so Blank and Blank” and that was it. People laughed and I think Brigid felt bad. I don’t think she expected for people to be that excited about a title reveal.

img_7688Breeana talked about her book and its sequel, The Bone Thief coming out in May – I’m super excited for it! She also talked a little bit about her next project, though it hasn’t quite been announced. She told me a bit about it after the signing had finished, and y’all it sounds amazing. I’m so excited for this project and I cannot wait to read it.

Once I was done asking my questions, the audience had some – a lot were writing craft related. Both Brigid and Breeana were happy to answer them, and then after the actual singing part, the event was over. I met so many people, had so much fun, and I’m still sad that the weekend is over, and the event is over…it’s Wednesday and I still have a bit of a hangover from it. But it’s also kind of the best feeling, because it was a fantastic weekend. It was a memorable experience. I discovered a new to me author and became friends with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

img_7720Right before we headed out to dinner, I was talking to one of the employees who helped run the event and she asked me if I was in publishing, or a rep of some kind – basically how I knew Brigid. So, I told her. I’ve been a fan since 2012 and that grew into a friendship and when Brigid asked if I wanted to moderate, I said yes. When she asked where I lived, and I told her about 30 minutes away from Brigid, her eyes grew wide, and then when she asked if I drove up here, and I told her that I rode up with Brigid, she said that she would probably die if she could ride in a car with her favorite author. I couldn’t help but laugh, because same.

Basically, the whole weekend was amazing and surreal, and I would 100% do it again if Brigid offered. Hands down.

Dinner with Brigid and Breeana was great and lots of fun. We talked about legitimately everything and had amazing food. My burger was fantastic. As was my wine.

img_7686Then it was time to part ways, sadly and the drive home was full of listening to Brigid’s ACSDAL playlist (it’s perfect) and just talking. I’ve been sworn to absolute secrecy, like, upon pain of death, but y’all Curse 3 is SO going to be worth the wait. Trust me on this.

Trust me.

What Brigid has in store…

I get giddy just thinking about it.

Ugh. I can’t wait.

Don’t @ me, asking what I may or may not know. Sworn to secrecy upon pain of death.

And then to top off an already amazing night/weekend, Brigid loaded me up with a few copies of her books, and a signed copy of Heart. I went to the DE with two books in my bag and left with legit more than I could carry. So, thank you so much Brigid for contributing to my collection of your books.

img_7723And circling back around to that signed copy of Heart. I had a signed copy of Curse from ALA, and I’m currently running a giveaway over on Twitter, where one person will get the signed set. So, if you want a chance, make sure you head over to my page, I’ve pinned the tweet to my page, and enter!

I’m really excited that I’m able to do this, and I wish I could’ve done more than one set, and could have done international. Unfortunately, for now, I can only choose one winner. I’m excited to pass along these two amazing books to one lucky someone at the end of the month. So, if you’re interested, make sure you head on over to my Twitter and enter to win the first two books in the Cursebreakers series!

I want to close out this long post, by thanking Brigid for letting me moderate and driving, for not face timing Sarah J Maas (lol, long story) and for everything else. It meant so much, and hopefully one day I get to do it again. I can’t wait for Anna and Breeana’s upcoming releases, and you should check out AudioShelf as well!

Book Signing: Holly Black

Last Friday I made the trip up to Philly for the third time to attend a book signing at Neshaminy Mall. Sammy and Emma from the blog Lady and Star accompanied me and we had a blast. The three-hour car ride passed relatively quickly, and we had a little issue with the GPS but managed to make it to the signing with time to spare!

img_7048After a three-hour car ride, where we all had venti coffees – the only downside was the line for the bathroom!

img_7069As I’m sure you’re all aware, this past week, The Queen of Nothing hit shelves – I still haven’t had a chance to read it, but I’m hoping to get to it this week. I fear that if I don’t get to it soon – I’m going to be inadvertently spoiled, and I’d really prefer not to be…as would most people. Holly was in conversation with Brigid Kemmerer, so they both talked about their books and how they created such kick ass female leads – Jude and Harper. They also talked about how they created their worlds. Holly mentioned that when she first started writing The Cruel Prince (you can read my reviews for TCP and TWK if you’re interested, I’ll eventually have one up for QoN) that it wasn’t going to be set in Faerie – that it was just going to be a high fantasy. When she realized that wasn’t working, she switched it, and now we have TCP as we know it.

img_7055The thing I resonated most with at the signing, was when Holly mentioned that she has to write it (the story) wrong, before she writes it right. Similarly, to me, she doesn’t really outline, and therefore the first draft becomes the outline. This is pretty much how I write. I have vague ideas, and work through them as I draft. Is this probably the harder way of doing things – Holly kind of thinks so, and she said she wants to get better at outlining.

Even though I know there are many different ways writers go about writing their stories, it’s really comforting knowing someone as successful as Holly Black, writes just like I do. It sort of fights that imposter syndrome that occasionally hits me.

img_7060I kind of feared that QoN might be spoiled or aspect might be spoiled at the signing, but I’m of the mindset that if I go to singings and I haven’t read the book yet, I can’t be too mad, since I’m aware that’s a possibility.

I really enjoyed the signing and oh my god, I was so happy as to how it was handled! Well, except for one thing – but I’ll get to that in a minute. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I’ve been to the Neshaminy Mall Barnes and Nobles for three separate signings – the first one being the Susan Dennard, Elise Kova and Brigid Kemmerer signing – you can really all about that one here. Long story short, in my opinion that on was handled wrong, and never should have taken that long. The second one was the Brigid Kemmerer and Anna Bright signing back in June – you can read about that one here – and it was so fun! Maybe it was because of the sheer number of people, but for this Holly Black singing (Brigid was also signing) the workers were efficient and limited the time at the table with the authors.

img_7070The one thing that kind of annoyed me was that, nowhere that I saw said that there was going to be a limit on the items that Holly would sign. I’d brought my OwlCrate The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing to be personalized and resigned on the inner title page (to be honest, I don’t really like tip-in pages, I appreciate them, but I like my books signed on the inner title page). I don’t have any other versions of these books, and yes, I’m aware they’re already signed, so it’s not a huge deal.

img_7050When it was time for the actual signing, we were informed that Holly was only singing & personalizing ONE book, and one of the books that you had to get signed was QoN. Like with every signing at this Barnes and Nobles you were required to buy a copy of the book there to get a wristband to get in the singing line. No biggie. I figured that I’d buy a copy and honestly, return it to my local Barnes and Nobles the next day. But I couldn’t get into the singing line without it. Anyways, it just would have been nice to know beforehand. Someone at my Barnes and Noble is going to get a nice little surprise when they buy the book. I ultimately didn’t get my copies resigned and took them with me for nothing, but it’s okay.

img_7053It was a fun evening; the drive back was long, and we didn’t get in until 12:20 AM. I was wired from the second venti coffee – that’s what happens when you drive 6 hours in the dark with only a little rest in between – it requires a lot of coffee. I kind of like the road trip these signings require, and they are definitely more fun with friends in the car!

Definitely keep your eyes out for my review of The Queen of Nothing – I’m hoping to read it this week, so it should be up next week by the latest! Also, I may have some fun news to drop in the nearish future! It’s something I’m super excited about and if it happens, it’ll be my first time doing something like this and I cannot wait!

Launch and Signing!

Short little preface before I get into the signing recap – this week has been one giant crazy ball of everything. ALA wiped me out (that haul is coming potentially next week) and then driving 5 hours (there and back) to Philly for a singing, wiped me out, and then flying to Texas on no sleep, also wiped me out. My schedule for my blog kind of went out the window, so two posts will be going up today, and one on Friday to catch up. Since I’m so behind, these might be kind of on the shorter side length-wise.


img_4635.jpgCall It What You Want – Brigid Kemmerer’s tenth book hit shelves on Tuesday and I and a friend decided to make the drive up to Neshaminy Mall in PA to attend the joint singing for Brigid’s book and Anna Bright’s debut – The Beholder. I loved both of these books, and definitely recommend them. You can check out my reviews here and here – respectively.

Now you might be wondering why I’d choose to drive 2.5 hours each way to attend this singing, friends, I would have gone to the local one if I could! But I knew I wouldn’t be in state, and really wanted to attend one of the signings with both, Brigid and Anna.

img_4637They have really great chemistry together and listening to them talk about their books and their writing processes was fun. There was a lot of laughing and great comments made. Anna came prepared with hard hitting questions for Brigid and established that while The Beholder was inspired by The Odyssey – there are no sea monsters in it.

img_4643.pngHaving been a longtime fan of Brigid’s most of what her writing process is, isn’t news to me, but I love listening to her talk about what inspires her and how her stories come to her. As for Anna, I only knew a little bit about where her inspiration for her book came from, so listening to her go a little more in-depth was interesting. I’m absolutely in love with Torden from her book, and I cannot wait for book 2 – The Boundless coming out next year…and speaking of future books, it was announced on Tuesday that Brigid has two new books scheduled for release in 2021 – a third Cursebreaker book and a whole new fantasy – Defy the Night. I’m so excited for both of these books and I cannot wait to dive into my copy of A Heart So Fierce and Broken out January 7, 2020!

img_4641I was able to get my books signed (I forgot to take photos before I left on vacation) and then hang out and chat for a little bit with Anna and Brigid before settling in for the long drive back to MD. We ate cake and the frosting died Anna’s teeth blue for a few pictures. We all cracked up. It was an awesome night.

I love going to these kinds of events, and I love going to support friends. They’ve worked so incredibly hard to get to this point and besides reading their books and supporting them, showing up in person to celebrate the accomplishments, is just a small thing that I can do. I’m so grateful to be able to call Brigid a friend and hopefully I can consider Anna one as well.

img_4642If you have the chance, the opportunity, the means, and your favorite author is having a signing, go! If I hadn’t gone to Brigid’s first launch for Storm back in 2012, I know I wouldn’t be as far as I am in my own writing as I am now. She’s offered me some valuable insight into the publishing world, I don’t know if she’d be a friend, and I don’t know if I would know (and love) the awesomeness that is her writing and her books.

So, congrats to Brigid and Anna for their new books and I will definitely be reading everything and anything you publish in the future!