3 Books that Hit My Radar #25

It was actually kind of hard to choose which 3 books to feature in this post. Some really amazing sounding and eye-catching books have…caught my eye recently. I’m obviously going to do another post featuring other books, but these three books sound really amazing.

There already in my cart, just waiting for me to click “buy” – I’m waiting until I get paid on Friday. Then all bets are off. Between stunning covers and just really great sounding premises – I really cannot wait to read these books. I don’t want to wait, so if someone wants to hook me up…just kidding…though, also not really.

I highly recommend you putting them on your TBR, making sure they stay on your radar. For the covers alone, they deserve shelf space.

She Who Rides the Storm – Caitlin Sangster – the cover immediately drew me in, and then the excitement kept building as I read the synopsis. September can’t come soon enough.

Song of the Forever Rains (The Mousai #1) – E.J. Mellow – I mean, just look at this cover and tell me you’re not intrigued. Thank goodness it comes out next month – the wait is almost over!

The Goddess of Nothing At All (Unwritten Runes #1) – Cat Rector – my chill is utterly non-existent when I think of this book. October is too far away; I desperately want to read this right now.

If these are only a small sample of books coming out the second half of the year, I’m going to be broke. But you know what, I’m not even concerned. Bring it on. I have no self-control when it comes to books with stunning covers. But seriously, add these to your TBR – I really don’t think they’re going to disappoint. Continue reading “3 Books that Hit My Radar #25”

May’21 Book Haul

Okay, we’ve established that I have no self-control. So, this haul is vastly huge just like previous months. Despite having a long weekend to work on this post – since once again I apparently have more money than brains, I chose to read a book instead…and reorganize my bookshelves. Honestly, my time management could use some work.

Since, I opted to stay up and finish reading For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten, I’m going to leave out the ARC’s I collected, and those will be in a NetGalley Update coming at you soon. I’m also going to do a separate eBook Haul, since I kind of went nuts in that regard too – so keep an eye out for both of those posts coming at you in the near future.

Let’s dive into this, quickly – because I technically have to be up for work in like, 4.5 hours. Don’t judge, I could not put that book down – 10/10 do recommend. Continue reading “May’21 Book Haul”

3 Books That Hit My Radar #24

Not that I need to buy more eBooks, but how can I not when they sound as good as these do? It’s a good thing I get paid on Friday, because if books are going to sound this good, I’m going to need a paycheck.

Vampires are making a comeback and I love it.

Blood Casinothis sounds really good. It seems like its going to have a darker, seductive atmosphere and I’m kind of in love already.

Anything high fantasy with Fae is going to be a win for me.

A Court of Honey and Ash (Honey and Ice Trilogy #1) – and let’s be real…the last line of this synopsis sold me “Hunted by the very man I loved once upon a time.”

And we already know how much of a sucker I am for Hades + Persephone retellings.

Abductedenemies-to-lovers and fated mates…it’s like this was written specifically for me.

I might have to see if any of these also have audiobooks, because then I would definitely have the time to read them right away. But regardless, these are getting added to my kindle, so that when I do have a free moment, I can dive right in. Continue reading “3 Books That Hit My Radar #24”

3 Books That Hit My Radar #23

At this point, I should just put my wallet in a safe and tell someone to hide it where I won’t find it. Because if you show me anything that’s “Peter Pan retelling/reimagining” or “Fae” I’m automatically going to buy it. Hands down. No further questions. Just tell me where to sign.

And omfg do these books sound so good. And the covers…ugh. I need them all.

Actually, the covers for all 3 of these books are what caught my eye initially, and then I read the synopses for them and just take my money.

Wendy, Darling – A.C. Wise

Yeah, I need this. June 1 is so far from now (not really) and I don’t want to wait. I just want a physical copy of this in my hands right now so I can binge it in one sitting.

Straight On ‘Til Morning – K.J. Sutton

Fuuuuuck. I mean, this is the kind of Peter Pan retelling I’ve been longing for. I can’t wait for my physical copy to arrive, because I’m dropping everything and inhaling this.

Ink and Foxglove – Bethany Anne Lovejoy

Why am I such a sucker for a Beauty and the Beast-eque type trope? Fae comes steals girl as part of debt…why is that so enticing? Regardless, I can’t wait to read this. Continue reading “3 Books That Hit My Radar #23”

3 Books That Hit My Radar #22

I keep pushing this post back.

For no other reason than I’ve been too tired to write it.

But I’m now tired of not sharing these books with y’all, so I’m quickly pushing through the exhaustion. But I’m totally passing right tf, the moment this is scheduled.

It’s been a minute since I screamed about some books, and ads hooked me for all 3 of these books. So, you can thank targeted marketing, for bringing these books to my attention – and therefore your attention.

I haven’t yet bought any of these books, but they are all on sale on Kindle for $2.99 right now. Go be dangerous and One-Click. Don’t think too hard about it, just do it.

Sleeping Beauty in Hell – Stella Del Mar – “Because I’m trapped in hell with Hades and Persephone’s vampire son.” UMMM, excuse me? The moment I read that line; I knew I was sunk. This sounds like a book I’d inhale in one sitting.

Cursed – S.J. West – I’m on an angel kick, so the angel on the front cover drew me in. But this lowkey sounds like 2008 era YA and I’m here for it. “Not only do Will and Brand both love Lilly, they share a dark secret neither wants Lilly to discover.” I mean…

Between the Sea and Stars – Chantal Gadoury – Well hello, Little Mermaid Retelling! Do I need to say more? I’m always down for a Little Mermaid retelling and I’ve heard great things about this book.

And without further ado, here are the books! Continue reading “3 Books That Hit My Radar #22”

Apr’21 Book Haul

Mistakes were made.




I have no self-control. Clearly. I don’t really understand how it happened. I mean, I know I spent the money, but the books just kept arriving and suddenly I was neck deep in them. I don’t even know where the hell I’m going to pull all these books. I need another shelf.

But since this post is going to be a beast, I’m going to stop talking, and let’s jump into it. Continue reading “Apr’21 Book Haul”

3 Books That Hit My Radar #21

What do we want?

Obviously more book recs.

You can never have too many book recs.

All of these books primarily caught my eye due to their covers. An eye catching, stunning and/or interesting cover is always going to get me to click on whatever link is advertising the book. Then the synopsis may make me purchase it immediately. Now, if it’s by an author I know, or the reviews are stellar, I’m probably going to auto-buy, One-Click that shit no questions asked.

These three books sound like they’re right up my alley, and like something I’d inhale in one sitting. So, let’s check them out!

A Circus of Ink: We are bound by ink. He is supposed to kill me. I mean…hello. That one sentence makes me want to drop everything and pick this up right now.

The Midnight Test: Mysterious, Hot and Alluring love interest, and intertwined fates? Sign me up.

Heir of Ruin: Hades + Persephone, need I say more? Continue reading “3 Books That Hit My Radar #21”

3 Books That Wonderfully Surprised Me

Sometimes we go into books having no expectations.
Sometimes we go into books because a friend raved about them.

Sometimes we go into books because the cover is pretty.

Or the synopsis sounds amazing.

Or for really any reason imaginable.

They either come out on top, or they just fall flat.

Okay, there’s a whole range of places any one book can fall on an enjoyment factor – but you get what I mean.

These three books are ones that I had some expectations going in – based on the synopsis I figured I was going to enjoy them, but really didn’t know just how much that would end up being. This is one of my favorite things when it comes to reading. When a book just wow’s you and you’re left in a puddle of emotions, sitting there wondering what the fuck you’re going to do now. How you’re going to wait for a second book, or deal with the fact that there isn’t a second book.

Each of these books left me desperate for more, and only one of them is part of a series – the other two are standalones. So, needless to say, I’ve been silently suffering for a while now.

One of these books ripped my heart out when I got to the end

One gave me strong Anya and Dimitri vibes.

One has a kickass heroine fighting for her life and her kingdom.

I have reviews for all three of these books, and I’ll link them. See if you can figure out which book is which and let me know if you’ve read them. If you have read them, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments. If I’ve convinced you to pick them up, then I hope you enjoy! Continue reading “3 Books That Wonderfully Surprised Me”

3 Books That Hit My Radar #20

It’s amazing the books you can acquire when you’re not at work.

I haven’t been at work since last Wednesday – I took so much needed time off – and I, uh, bought some books.

Like, I didn’t think twice and just One-Clicked them.

I’ve said it before, being able to One-Click books is so dangerous…but it’s so much fun. And so, satisfying. I need to know the books are readily available if and when I get the chance to read them, right? Also, what’s the point of working my ass of every day if I can spend my money on books that are going to mock me from my Kindle?

And they will mock me from my Kindle, because, do I have time to read them? I don’t know, maybe if work isn’t crazy, but probably not. And that fact annoys me, because all I want to do is read these books. Continue reading “3 Books That Hit My Radar #20”