This or That Book Tag

So, today’s post is going to be a little different!

I’ve teamed up with Sammy from We Write At Dawn to do the This or That Book Tag, but we did it with a twist.

I guessed Sammy’s answers! And over on her blog, she guessed mine!

We’ve been friends for over a year and a half – though it feels like I’ve known her my whole life – so we figured that we knew enough about each other and our reading preferences to be able to answer these questions. Even though, I did find it a tad hard!

Below my guesses for Sammy, are my own answers, but make sure you check out Sammy’s post to see her guesses before you check out my answers! If you want to see if my answers for Sammy are correct, make sure you head back over to her post to see her responses!

This was such a fun post to do, and I loved that Sammy was willing to do it with me!

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12 Days of Christmas Book Tag


I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker tonight and pretty much from the minute I got home, I’ve been madly baking Christmas Cookies. I’m behind on the Holidays – what can I say. You might ask, why don’t you bake them tomorrow? Or Why don’t you bake them this weekend. I’m going to bake the rest tomorrow, and I would love to just do them all over the weekend, but alas I’m not in town. So, I’m countless batches in and numerous episodes into my Grey’s Anatomy re-watch and I just realized that I haven’t done a blog post for tomorrow yet.

It’s 3:08 AM.

I’m tired, and I still have a few more cookies to bake, and quite honestly, I’m a bit sick of Grey’s right now, but let’s jump into this blog post. I found it by Googling “Bookish Christmas Blog Tags” and it wasn’t the first option. In fact, every other holiday themed tag I’ve done this week popped up first. This tag was originally created by Lizzie Loves Books – make sure you check out that post. But I found it over on The Sassy Book Geek – make sure you check out that post as well. Both are linked.



The partridge stood alone in the pear tree. What is your favorite stand alone?

Oh, this is hard. There are quite a few, across various genre’s I could choose from. I’m going to go with Stain by A.G. Howard. It was an amazing read and I highly recommend.



Love is in the air! Who is your one true pairing?

Oh, another hard one. I’m gonna have to choose Alex and Aiden from the Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I just love them so much.



In the spirit of threes, what is the best trilogy you have read?

Ugh, all of these questions are apparently going to be hard. Um, I’m going to basic and say the A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy. I don’t necessarily think it’s my absolute favorite of all time, but I do really love it.



Since series usually consist of four or more books, what is your favorite series?

Oh, this one is easy! The Air Awakens series by Elise Kova. Do yourself a favor and go read them if you haven’t. They are excellent.



One ring to rule them all! Who is your Favorite Villain/Antagonist?

Back to the hard questions. Honestly…I don’t think I have one. None come to mind and I’ve been thinking about this for almost an hour.



Creation is a beautiful thing. What is your favorite world/world-building?

I absolutely loved the worlds/world building in Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark and The Fates Divide. I read this question and those were the first two books that came to mind.



Who needs seven swans when all it takes is one good animal sidekick? Who’s your favorite animal sidekick?

Ugh, to be honest, I hate these types of questions. I don’t know. I forget all the animal sidekicks, except for apparently Fleetfoot from Throne of Glass but I also don’t think she’s my fave.



Milk is so 18th century. Which book or series takes beverages/food to a whole new level?

I have no idea. Food related questions also throw me. My mind is blank. It’s clear to me now, that I need to start reading some books that feature food, because I have no idea.



Dancing is just one skill of a Lady! Who is your favorite kickass female lead?

How do you choose just one? I have no idea. There are so many and since there are so many, I’m just going to choose one from one of my current reads. Vi Solaris from The Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles – she’s freaking badass.



How about your favorite leading lad?

Does it count if he doesn’t actually have a POV? Because if it doesn’t, then it’s Thomas Cresswell. If it does, then I don’t know, because he’s my fave and I wish he’d gotten POV chapters. We were robbed.



What is your favorite book or bookish thing with musical influence? (It can be about music, reference music a lot etc.)

Hi blank brain, nice for you to drop in again. I don’t know. Doesn’t Aelin in TOG know how to play the piano…or something? Clearly, I also need to read more books with music as a relevant theme.



Drum roll please…what is your favorite read of this year?

Fuck. How do I choose? My current list is like 20 books long. Ugh. Okay, I’m going to say Echoes Between Us by Katie McGarry, which is technically a 2020 release, but damn – it’s so good.


I think I need to diversify my reading – I need books that feature food and music more…oh and animal sidekicks! Leave some recommendations down below if you have any. Feel free to do this tag – I tag everyone and anyone who reads it. It makes you think, but it was also really fun!

Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

Bookish Naughty or Nice.jpg🎄☃️🎅❄️🎄☃️🎅❄️🎄☃️🎅❄️🎄☃️🎅❄️

I’m back again with another tag! I know this week has a been a bunch of Q&A and Tag posts, but so many good Holiday/Festive/Christmas ones are out there, and I want to do them all! With Christmas 5/6 days away I’m in the spirit and honestly, I needed to take my mind off the fact that this holiday is going to be incredibly weird and quiet without my dog. So, you get Q&A’s and Tags and I get to turn my brain off for a bit!

I found this tag by Googling “Christmas Bookish Blog Tags” and the first link that popped up was from Jenniely and once I read it, I knew I needed to do it. Thanks, Jenn, for creating such a fun tag! A couple of the questions definitely had me thinking about my book/reading habits.

*Also, note: I’m not actually participating in Blogmas – despite the fact that my blog is nothing but Christmas/Holiday/Festive posts right now. Jenn also, so wonderfully made this cute graphic to use, and I couldn’t not use it.


The rules are:

If you haven’t been tagged, feel free to do it anyways – I did! It’s a lot of fun!


  1. Received an ARC and not reviewed it 🎅

Yep. Though it’s rarely because I just ignore it. There are unfortunately limited hours in a day, and just so many books.

  1. Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley

Nope! Currently sitting at 71%…I keep requesting though, so I’m going to assume that it’ll go down rather quickly.

  1. Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did)

Nope. I always forget to transfer my reviews over to Goodreads. It’s a problem. I had to do 60+ like a week and a half ago. I fell that behind.

  1. Folded down the page of a book 🎅

Yep. The books we have to buy for my local book club…I don’t care about them. So if I don’t have a bookmark…all bets are off.

  1. Accidentally spilled on a book

Not that I can remember.


  1. DNF a book this year 🎅

So many. I’ve pretty much given up on reading books that I can’t get into. So many books, so little time.

  1. Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it

Nope. Not this year. Shockingly. I had to rack my brain for this question.

  1. Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else 🎅

Yep. Reading instead of working on my WIP.

  1. Skim read a book 🎅

Yep. In the cases I don’t DNF, I just skim through them…also the book club books.

  1. Completely missed your Goodreads goal

Nope. Because I didn’t set one up.


  1. Borrowed a book and not returned it


  1. Broke a book buying ban

Nope. Went on a ban in October, but even though I acquired books, none were purchased during that month! Pre-orders!

  1. Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about

Nope. Though, writing a review weeks after reading is another thing entirely.

  1. Wrote in a book you were reading

Nope. I don’t annotate my books…or tab them.

  1. Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads 🎅

Honestly, probably. Though my Goodreads’ shelves are such a mess, I couldn’t tell you for sure.


  1. Borrowed a book and not returned it to a friend

Nope. I don’t borrow books from friends…mainly because I have my own library lol.

  1. Dodged someone asking if they can borrow a book

Nope. The only person who borrows my books has free access to any of them.

  1. Broke the spine of someone else’s book

Nope. See the last two questions.

  1. Took the jacket off a book to protect it and ended up making it more damaged

No? This happens? Like, I’m not mad if the hardcover is messed up, because then the dust jacket will just hide it.

  1. Sat on a book accidentally 🎅

Yes. Honestly.


 Final Score: 7/20

 Does this mean I’m on the “Nice List”?  Woo! Honestly, I thought my score was going to be much worse.

*Note: This is purely for fun, and you’re not a terrible person if you’re on the naughty list.

I mentioned it above, but if you do this tag, make sure you tag me so I can see your fun responses as well! I’m not going to be tagging TEN people, mainly because I want to see everyone do this tag! So tag yourselves, just like I did, and have fun!


All I Want for Christmas Tag

This week is all about the Tags and Q&A’s. I think I kind of burned myself out last week with reading 5 books – 1 per day, and now I don’t know what to read next. I really only have a few books (like 4-5 that are either already out or out in January) left on my TBR for 2019 and I don’t know which one to pick up next.

So, help me choose!

Diamond City

Wardens of Eternity

Lady Smoke

Tweet Cute

Fate of the Drowned

I have a few later releases on my TBR (Ruthless Gods, The Stars We Steal) but those are low priority for right now. But, since I can’t decide, maybe you can help me. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter in the comments under the Tweet for this post, what you think my next read will be. In 24 hours, I’ll pick whatever is chosen.

Can you believe that Christmas is now less than a week away? That this time next week, we’ll be in bed, and when we wake up, presents will be under the tree? Or in little piles around the room since a tiny village is currently parked under ours. I cannot believe that we’re closing in on the end of the year. That blows my mind. It honestly feels like January 2018 was yesterday, and I was writing up my Most Anticipated Reads Post. Now I’m getting ready to do that again, but first, let’s find out what I want for Christmas!

I initially saw this tag over on Emma’s Chapter, but it was founded by Book Princess Reviews. I’ve linked both of their posts with this tag, so make sure you check them out!


🎄 What Fictional Character Do You Want Santa to Leave Under Your Christmas Tree?

Thomas Cresswell. Audrey Rose doesn’t deserve him.

🎄 What Character Do You Want to Kiss Under the Mistletoe?

Ugh, so many. If I had to pick just one, Rhysand, because, why the hell not.

🎄 You Write Your Christmas List for Santa; What are the Top 5 Books on It?

Failed Future and Sovereign Sacrifice by Elise Kova, Marrow Charm by Kristin Jacques and the UK ARCs for A Curse so Dark and Lonely and a Heart so Fierce and Broken.

🎄 It’s Secret Santa at Hogwarts, What Do You Most Want to Receive?

Besides a Weasley Sweater? A pair of glasses that don’t smudge, repel water – basically a pair where the lenses stay perpetually clean, all of the time.

🎄 You Get to Spend the Day with the Characters and Movie Adaptation Actors from One Fandom, What Do You Pick?

Easy, The Hunger Games. I feel like that was a really fun set to be on. Also, they’re some of the best book to movie adaptations out there – in my opinion.

🎄 What Fictional Animal Would You Like to Replace Rudolph and Meet on Your Roof?

Um…I don’t actually know. Every animal ever in a book just fled from my mind.

🎄 You Can Invite 10 Fictional Characters to Your New Years Eve Party, Who Do You Pick?

Oh boy. Um, Fred and George Weasley. Thomas Cresswell. Aiden and Alex (The Covenant Series by JLA) Grey and Lia Mara (AHSFAB) Aldrik and Vhalla and Baldair (Air Awakens)

This one was hard. Ooof.

🎄 What Character Would Make a Good Santa? (doesn’t have to be appearance, personality counts too)

I feel like Cassian would get a kick out of playing Santa. He’d take it really seriously and now I want a bonus scene.


This was such a fun tag, and now I’m curious, what do you want for Christmas (or the holidays)? Or in terms of this tag, who do you want? LOL

Feel free to tag yourself if you want to do this tag!

Never Have I Ever…

Bookworm Edition!

I saw this on Twitter and didn’t have a post planned, so I figured I’d do this instead. Typically, this is done with 1 Like = 1 Answer, but I’m just going to answer them all and see how many I’ve done. I highly encourage you all to do this as well, and feel free to share your answers! Glancing at this list, I’ve done quite a few of these, so let’s just jump in and find out exactly how many.

This post could easily be a mile long, so to avoid that, I’m not going to be rewriting the questions – but you’ll be able to reference the picture above to see what my answers are referring to.


  1. More times than I can count.
  2. Nope…idk why you would do this. At least, I’ve never purposefully hid a book. I’ve definitely misplaced it and had to search for it.
  3. Definitely. Without a doubt.
  4. Just once.
  5. 2019 has been the year of DNFs.
  6. Does my own character count?
  7. Allegiant. That movie sucked, comparatively to the book. I still watch them often though.
  8. Again, the Divergent series.
  9. THE. TIME. Though, since October, not so much. Self-imposed Book Buying Ban.
  10. Too many to count.
  11. First book that ever brought me to tears Clockwork Princess. It was that scene at the end. You know which one. Before that book I never cried while reading, now I tear up way more often.
  12. Multiple times.
  13. All of them. And I’m even friends with some of them!
  14. Check out my Brigid Kemmerer and Jennifer L. Armentrout Collections.
  15. I don’t do a lot of Kindle books – something I need to rectify, but I have gone to the bookstore release day to get a book.
  16. See above, but I’ve definitely brought books and disappeared into a quiet corner to read.
  17. I love them.
  18. I’m in one with a few neighbors and we meet every month or so to talk about whatever book we read and drink wine. But really, it’s more wine drinking and just talking than actually discussing the book.
  19. Yes
  20. My first ever ARC was Sacrifice by Brigid Kemmerer.
  21. No? What is considered taboo? I’ve never willingly gone out of my way to read questionable content, and isn’t taboo a subjective term?
  22. Yep.
  23. Surprisingly no.
  24. The. Time. I love them.
  25. Sometimes daily.
  26. Yes
  27. Yep! Drew Leighty. He’s great and he signed my books.
  28. Philly, DC, Baltimore.
  29. Nope.
  30. All of them. Well, most of them.
  31. Again, does mine count? But yes. Often.
  32. Of course. Doesn’t everyone?
  33. Sure.
  34. A. Few.
  35. No? Huh?
  36. Probably.

Okay, clearly, I didn’t really play Never Have I Ever correctly, but this was fun! Coming up with the answers was surprisingly easy. Sometimes these kinds of posts appear as if they’re going to be quick to write up and then they take hours, but not this one.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick Q&A/game and I hope you give it a try!

Comfy Questions

It’s time for another round of questions and answers! This is technically one of those 1 Like = 1 Answer prompts on Twitter, but I like doing them for my blog – especially when they aren’t book related! So, let’s jump into this!IMG_6662.PNG

  1. How do you drink your tea?

With honey! My favorite tea is Tazo’s Baked Organic Cinnamon Apple (or some variation of those words lol). It tastes like Autumn in a mug and warm hugs. I just add a bit of honey to it and I don’t take the tea bag out until I finish it.

  1. Favorite dessert?

Ooo, this is hard. I love a good cheesecake, but I’m also a sucker for cream puffs. Put them in front of me, and I’ll legit eat them all. But a good ice cream is great as well.

  1. Favorite season and why?

Probably Fall, I love boots and cozy sweaters. But I don’t really have a solid favorite. I enjoy all the seasons, and I need them all. I need to freeze in the winter and thaw in the summer. Then repeat.

  1. What cheers you up?

Staring at my dog. Or watching Farscape.

  1. Dogs or cats?

Both? But I have a mild allergy to cats, so I have to be a bit careful around them. I’ve never owned a cat, just two doggos.

  1. What is your dream holiday?

Cozying up in a cabin in the Swiss Alps.

But I’m also kind of torn, because a tropical paradise would be nice as well.

  1. How many kids do you want?

At least two.

  1. Favorite weather?

A cool 75 degrees with a bit of sun. But I love listening to the rain and a storm if I’m writing or reading.

  1. What would your last meal be?

I’ve never ever thought about this, so I have no actual idea.

  1. You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year, where do you choose?

Probably sometime between 1961-63. When the US chose 7 pilots to do the first manned US flights into Space during the Space Race. It must’ve been an amazing time to be alive, to witness it, and the hype surrounding the events. The whole US working towards one goal.

OR I’d want to find out what actually happened in Ykaterinburg to the Romanovs. I like the fairytale that the animated movie and the Broadway show has created, but it would be nice(?) to know the truth.

  1. If you were a ghost, who or where would you haunt?

I would probably haunt a bookstore. Tbh.

  1. What is your family ancestry?

Scottish and Slovenian and something else that is eluding me at this time.

  1. What scares you?

A lot of things. But I’m not a fan of being alone in the dark. I have too active of an imagination for that shit. Also, scary movies that involve possession/hauntings (especially if they are based on real events) or anything that involves the capturing of evil things in film or in mirrors. I just – nope.

  1. What are you most grateful for?

My doggo. He’s my whole world.

  1. Dream Job?

Full time, JK Rowling success, Author. Give me that franchise!

  1. Do you believe in aliens?

Yep. The universe is too big for there to not be anyone/thing else out there. Do I believe in little green men? Eh. I won’t discount it, but I doubt our first contact (if /when it happens) is going to come from bulbous, big eyed, little green men.

  1. Favorite sport?

Eh, I guess soccer. I played for quite a few years when I was younger and enjoyed it.

  1. How do you relax after a long day?

Shower and a beer or wine. Then food and Netflix.

  1. If you could meet one historical figure, who would you choose and why?

Honestly, I have no idea.

  1. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?
    I have the degree; I’d just need one for teaching.
  2. Describe your perfect day.

I’d be able to sleep in late – like 11, but when I wake up it still be early morning, so I’d have a full day to do things. I’d have coffee and breakfast. And then I’d just be able to lounge around to read and write and pause to walk my dog and maybe take a nice long bath, and then have some yummy food, maybe sushi or Chinese food. Then I’d sit outside by the fire pit, wrapped in warm sweater with a few friends, and a bottle or two of wine and we’d just hang out chatting.

  1. Describe yourself in a sentence.

Always there, even when I shouldn’t be.

  1. Who makes you laugh the most?

My dad. We have basically the same sense of humor, much to my mom’s dismay LOL.

  1. What superpower would you choose?

Apparition. I know that a HP thing, but damn, it would come in handy. Being able to just * poof * to places. I’d never have to pay for gas again!

  1. Favorite animal?

Outside of dogs? Nope, it’s dogs.

  1. Biggest accomplishment?

Finishing this post? Jk.

Probably my Girl Scouts Bronze Award I did years ago in England. My troop organized a basketball tournament for a group of kids with special needs whose funding had been cut. We got the Boy Scouts, a group of military personnel and my troop (obv) to play in this big tournament, and at the end there were certificates and little pins handed out. The smiles on their faces and the joy that radiated from them for just being able to play the game they loved dearly was the best thing ever. It wasn’t about winning, but just playing the game and having fun.

You may have seen this on Twitter, but if you want to to this, I tag you!