Single Shelf Tour #5

Allergies have been majorly kicking my ass, and with it getting hot and humid here in MD, I’m low energy. Like, really low energy. Having a sinus headache/headache for three days straight will do that to you.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, and I figured it was time. If I don’t start doing them again, I’m never going to get through all of my shelves. And with the fact that I’m planning on buying more shelves, I really need to get my shit together.

This shelf has a lot of favorites on it. And get this, I’ve read every book on this shelf! Crazy, I know. It’s rare when that happens.

I really love all the books on this shelf, and 100% recommend them. If you haven’t yet read any (or all) of the books on this shelf, then you need to get on that. I know some of these books have sequels and next books in their series coming out this year, and I have no idea where I’m going to put them.

I really need another shelf…maybe 2.

But without further ado, let’s check out this shelf.

I’ve been a Sara B. Larson fan since Defy. I remember reading the synopsis and seeing that the MCs name was “Alexa” and I immediately bought it. It was the first time I’d ever seen my name in a book, and I was sold. Since then, all her books have been so damn good, and I cannot recommend them enough. Somehow, I’ve managed to snag quite a few ARCs of her books, and while I never intended to collect her books, it kind of just happened. I’m not mad about it.

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that I loved Shielded. I kind of figured I would, but then it really surprised me. I can’t wait to have Untethered on the shelf beside my two copies. KayLynn hooked me up with an eARC and I’m dying to dive into tit. Definitely recommend this as well.

And if you haven’t yet read the Ravenspire series by C.J. Redwine, you’re seriously missing out. The Wish Granter is still one of my favorite reads, and definitely my favorite out of the series. I really wish there had been more books, more unique takes on fairytales. I feel like there is so much more world to explore.

Okay, I’m screaming at you to read Breeana Sheilds’ The Bone Charmer. I moderated a panel for her and Brigid Kemmerer in January 2020 before everything went to hell, and I figured I needed to read her book before hand. Y’all, I inhaled it in one sitting. It blew me away and I loved it. So much.

I didn’t love The Princess Will Save You, but I needed a physical copy for Charlie Bowater’s art on the cover. Lol

House of Salt and Sorrows still haunts me. I was fortunate enough to get an eARC and I fell in love with this book. 10/10 recommend. This creepy book should 100% be on your radar, and you should be reading it. I cannot wait for Erin’s next book. It’s going to look so bright next to HOSAS, but I don’t doubt it’ll be just as good.

Peek at Kelly Coon’s Gravemaidens and Warmaidens. I really enjoyed this dulogy, so of course I need copies on my shelves. I’m excited to see what she writes next – I’m definitely going to be reading it.

And finally, Serpent & Dove. These books wrecked me when I read them, and I’m not ready for the conclusion. When I first read S&D, it kept me up well into the night – I couldn’t put it down.

This shelf is filled with some pretty popular and pretty amazing books. If they’re not on your radar, they should be. I have reviews for just about every book on this shelf, so if you’re curious as to whether or not you should pick them up – the answer is overwhelmingly yes – you can check them out. Just search the title in the search bar.

Now that I’ve done this shelf, I need to figure out which I should do next.

Fantasy Shelf

Contemporary/NA Shelf

Specific Author Shelf

Random Shelf

Let me know in the comments, what you’d like to see next!

Single Shelf Tour #4

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I have a lot of shelves to get through.
So, I’d better get on it.

There isn’t really a rhyme or reason to this shelf, and honestly the books change on it all of the time. But right now, it’s home to quite a few authors who I love and love their books. Once upon a time, it was my SF shelf, but now it’s just some big favorites and multiple copies.

Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Single Shelf Tour #4”