Currently Reading & Watching #23

And just like that, February is almost over. It’s been exhausting honestly. Having acquired a new position at work – I’m tired all of the time. I was also been dealing with the looming knowledge that I was going to lose another dog and that stressed me out. So, needless to say, I’ve been inhaling stories in various formats this month like they were candy. Anything to take my mind off of life at large. Continue reading “Currently Reading & Watching #23”

Fate: The Winx Saga Thoughts

Image result for fated the winx sagaWhen I first heard Netflix was doing a live action adaptation of Winx Club, a couple of thoughts crossed my mind.

  1. Why can’t they just put the OG show up for streaming?
  3. They’re going to fuck this up.

Then I saw the trailer and had more thoughts.

  1. Wtf is this?
  2. They look like witches, not fairies.
  3. This isn’t Winx Club.
  4. Why do adaptations always have to be dark, moody and broody?

I knew I was going to be watching the show either way – I was too into the nostalgia of Winx Club to not even give it a chance. I figured I was going to cringe and ridicule my way through the episodes and would be justified in my premature thoughts that the show would undoubtedly be horrible. Continue reading “Fate: The Winx Saga Thoughts”